Song Of Extinction

For millennia, art has concerned itself with the natural world.

Total votes: 40
Beautiful Flowers

Set in a primitive society, Beautiful Flowers is an artistic portrayal of the influence of religion on a society trying to interpret the will of the gods, wh

Total votes: 68
The Imagemaker

A Vegas showgirl wanders into the desert while performing her routine.

Total votes: 55
The Door

MahnoDahno, a fictional character ponders the deeper mystery of existence

Total votes: 36
No Gyroscope

MahnoDahno, a fictional character, reflects on the trials and tribulations of the human experience while traveling through a magical Universe

Total votes: 94
YILONG LIU 2017 Cinematographer Showreel

NYFA student YILONG LIU 2017 Cinematographer showreel

Total votes: 332

In a rainy city, a talented young man attempts to show the world what he sees through his gifted perspective.

Total votes: 91
Darren Dare and the Time Hopper

Shit gets weird and the human race faces extinction when a forty-something stoner travels back in time and convinces his younger self to go after the girl he

Total votes: 132
Tamerlane Death Cycle 001

WINNER!!! BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM 2017 - IFS film festival!!! Official Selection TIIFF!!!

Total votes: 41

A young man who dreams of flying keeps experimenting with his artificial wings.

Total votes: 107
The Last Crow

In a western fantasy world of bird people, the last living crow must defend the legacy of his soon to be extinct species.

Total votes: 310

The film will use the perspective of goldfish, and human perspective, Through the 'the seven deadly sins' and 'the seven holy virtues' in Christianity to obs

Total votes: 268

WARD OF THE FERAL HORSES unfolds a copywriter's schizophrenic upheaval.

Total votes: 609

An experience of a Monk's meditation process.

Total votes: 209

A 40 year old painter, who lives in a wooden and bamboo house on stilts in the middle of a polluted lake on the outskirts of Dhaka City.

Total votes: 386
The Fallen Swan

Trapped at the bottom of a well, an abandoned baby swan cries for help from a flock of swans above to no avail.

Total votes: 61
Glorious Victory

Glorious Victory is a watercolor animated short about two beetles intensely fighting over a fig fruit.

Total votes: 244
Afternoon at the Abyss

Road; art; dreams; love; abandonment; madness; death; abyss.

Total votes: 332
A Spell Cast Me

This is a mocumentary that talks about a Chinese Taoism nun took a Chinese zombie back to UK so the nun can return the zombie to her family in UK.

Total votes: 1516
Recycle Soul: Pilot Web Series

An ordinary young girl wakes up and finds out that her past life soulmate needs her help to save a young soul.

Total votes: 417
Almost Whole

A man loses his heart's desire only to find there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Total votes: 175
The Adventures Of Kitty Zombie

The body of a monster, the mind of a puppy.

Total votes: 86
Dead Girl Vampire Cats

What happens when the fragile barriers we construct to make ourselves feel safe disintegrate?

Total votes: 95

While at a party, Bailey discovers he has telekinetic abilities, which were triggered by the intervention of a top secret mind-controlling organization.When

Total votes: 62
Ben and Big: The screenplay

Madame Fetid is a supremely vain, horribly wicked witch. To retain her youth, magic requires that she eat living things... plants, insects... people.

Total votes: 113
The Storyteller

The love of an enchanted young girl brings wonder and healing to a broken family.

Total votes: 90

Bladerunner meets The MuppetsAn experiment with narrative.

Total votes: 146

I've worked with a theme love and dream, that always fascinate myself.

Total votes: 267


Total votes: 320
What he has left

Sad and funny stories about father's possessions

Total votes: 470
The Babysitter

Nathalie, an 18 years old babysitter from Montréal, goes alone in the Ontarian countryside to look after a little girl.

Total votes: 51
Bovska 'Circus'

Creating this video was literally a circus on all ends - from pre-production (we had a week to put everything in place) to shooting (20h on the set), along w

Total votes: 311
Moving pictures

Does an artist have a control over his work ?

Total votes: 43
The lost land and the souls

In search for a balance between realism and surrealism

Total votes: 49

Norman is a dark, comedic thriller about a struggling amateur comedian trying to reinvent himself.

Total votes: 100
Carried by the wind

K Le Dortz (born 1994) is a French short movie director and colorist.

Total votes: 388
A Brief History Of Marriage

Long long time ago, an apeman fell in love with an female apeman.

Total votes: 311
The Otherworld

A group of friends holiday on ancient ground, and the veil between reality and the otherworld grows thin.

Total votes: 77
Heart Brakers

An episodic series, set in parallel universes that explores how the absurd and tragic relationship of a struggling couple is doomed before it even began.

Total votes: 46
A Boy and His Beast

A young boy must stop a creature that is terrorizing the countryside in 18th century France. But is it possible that he may be to blame for the beast?

Total votes: 86
Pet Whisperer with Agustaz Florence

Pet Whisperer follows well-respected fairytale creature behaviorist Agustaz Florence as he works to help creatures with behavior problems, and their human fa

Total votes: 171
Powder Room

A short silent slapstick comedy about an outsider who covers himself in white powder to break in to an, 'exclusive-to-light-skinned-people' speakeasy.

Total votes: 52
In Wonderland

Fourteen year old Alice experiences Wonderland Junior High School for the first time through the eyes of a long time home-schooled girl only to learn about a

Total votes: 35
The Real Drakoolavs

The Real Drakoolavs -- webseries/ sitcom is a spoof on the vampire film. An attempt to de-romanticize vampire imagery in our society.

Total votes: 103
The Muse Will Find You Working

A lonely author unravels while a hole in her wall grows.

Total votes: 43
PIppitySnye and Her Band of Fireflies

Heartbroken and lost, Betz, the ExecutiveGirl embarks upon a mystical adventure in which PippitySnye and a Tolkienesk community of fireflies shrink her insid

Total votes: 70
zindhaghi (life)

No regrets

Total votes: 94


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