UNVEILING The Horse Demon

A young man searches for his father and encounters natural and supernatural forces, which ultimately lead him to unveil his true identity.

Total votes: 5285
Peter, a round friend

Peter is a toilet in the ladies room of a pub and while unsuccessfully trying to talk and connect to women he’s dreaming about seeing the world.

Total votes: 4564
Demonia Undertaker

An alien from another planet with great super powers comes to earth to destroy the whole human race by possessing their bodies and Staleth Played by Geovanni

Total votes: 103
Hell In Venus

This story is about how after getting a pair of high heels Girl A enters a strange dimension where she meets a witch.

Total votes: 392
Dreams of Giverny

Dreams of Giverny is a modern day ghost story told through the poetic use of classical ballet, set in the gardens and around the water lily pond of Claude Mo

Total votes: 78
Ashes of Earth

17-minute-short film; Directored by Bowen Li

Total votes: 737
The Man Who Wasn't Here

In a far far away planet called SINEMA , a movie star that is a 'STILL IMAGE' wants to move like a 'MOVIE' again.

Total votes: 467

Three maidens journey out to land in search of a mate, and are confronted by the debilitating emotions of mankind.

Total votes: 51
Heart Of Clay

An internationally renowned sculptor, celebrated for his work depicting the female form, is facing death.

Total votes: 199
The Sailor

A voice-over tells the story of a sailor that dreams of a homeland he has never had; day after day the sailor constructs his new native land shaping it to hi

Total votes: 216
A Very Merry Unbirthday

In a world filled with sad and suicidal fairy tale characters, a female assassin, wearing just one shoe, reluctantly looks for her last target, while encount

Total votes: 247
The Hammer

A desperate husband from a past relationship struggles with his inner-self to heal his pain by getting connected with his daughter whom he's never met before

Total votes: 53

Brace yourself, for everything you touch surely dies.

Total votes: 414
'Toby's Dragon'

An orphaned boy and a baby dragon must overcome their fears together to stop the bad dragons.

Total votes: 91

Feeling an emptiness in her relationship Ana discovers sexual fire with a stranger.

Total votes: 326

Jean, a man in his fifties, finds himself face to the ghost of a woman he does not know.

Total votes: 429
Susan Destroys the World

In that moment, would you want to know if it wasn't going to end well for you?

Total votes: 102

Your regrets, if faced in the right way, will move you forward.

Total votes: 150
The Waiting Room

Robert remembers what life was like before he lost his daughter due to choices that has left him confined to a wheelchair.

Total votes: 452

VerticalVille, is a steampunk reimagining of Metropolis that meets with The Ten Commandments set against the backdrop of a vertical island city.

Total votes: 338
The Preacher

Many hundreds of years after the world we know has been laid to waste, our histories and explanations forgotten, a lone preacher named John wanders the fores

Total votes: 71

Ruka Izumo,just your average university girl who dresses up in the current fashion trends, listens to popular music, and watches the typical TV shows, finds

Total votes: 92
Runetech (Season One)

Film, video games, animation, and the networked globalization of images are the lingua franca of our time.

Total votes: 92
My Idle

After the death of her father, a woman with firm political beliefs must set them aside for the good of her grieving family.

Total votes: 82
Real Boy

Tension rises between Mouse and his brother Rabbit as they share a mutual attraction to Ms Fox

Total votes: 371

A study in the fear, obsession, anxiety and dread of a young woman trapped in her apartment, haunted by what seems to be Rats playing an experiment on her.

Total votes: 116
Celebrating the Right to Bear Arms in America

Celebrating the Second Amendment Rights of The US Constitution

Total votes: 363


Total votes: 648
Call for the good king

It's never too late to go back.

Total votes: 66
Concrete Sky

A short filmexploring the concept of purgatory with refwremces to vodeo game culture, 20th century avant garde aesthetic concerns and a healthy dose of synth

Total votes: 158
Beyond the Backyard

An immersive exploration of past, present, and future told through a young boy’s imaginative cerebral journey.

Total votes: 43
Waltzing Tilda

When Tilda wakes up to find herself the last human on earth she goes on a journey along with her bunny rabbit Shane, experiencing both the immense joy and cr

Total votes: 106
If Kazimir Met Maurice

The Suprematist paintings of the Russian Futurist Kazimir Malevich (1878-1935) are poised to burst into motion.

Total votes: 410
Everything Beautiful is Far Away

Set across the mystery and magic of a barren landscape, EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS FAR AWAY is a fable about a trio – a guy, his robot head companion and a dete

Total votes: 70
Song of Spring

An environmentally inspired animated short film that uses the metaphor of unrequited love to express the urgency to protect endangered species.

Total votes: 538
Die Sangoma Sindroom / The Sangoma Effect

Years after a terrible series of murders, a young orphan will aspire to play professional rugby while fending off those from his family’s past that still see

Total votes: 435
Raising Better Kids - Taking What Isn't Yours

A little boy finds a purse with money inside and spends it all on toys for him and his friends, only to learn the purse belonged to an old grandma who just l

Total votes: 173
Unplanned Awakening

Carrie and Philip trapped in an mental asylum struggle to find means to unshatter their lives.

Total votes: 302
Fine Dining

A Tale of Two Vampires

Total votes: 64
Window Shopping

A magical encounter between a window dresser and the a broken hearted woman, outside his shop window, brings romance to life.

Total votes: 97

The paranormal takes center stage when a fraternity hazing prank goes awry, leaving a young woman face to face with a screaming Banshee......................

Total votes: 101

A struggling college student finds herself in an unlikely situation where she must fight for her life after undergoing an government experiment.

Total votes: 219

A woman wakes up in her bed. Alone. Her mind launches into a dark study about the collapse of her marriage.

Total votes: 417

A surreal film inspired by the events of the Japanese internment.

Total votes: 262


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