Disability Culture

My Hiccups Are Gone

This is a story of 5-year-old twin boys with autism and their parents as they try to find the best path for their lives.

Total votes: 78
On Dragon's Wings

A young boy struggles to get through to his mum because of his severe autism. Understanding is the key for a change of behaviour.

Total votes: 67

UARGH!To the cataleptic search of the insane element

Total votes: 118
Not Bad At All

Every weekend for six years, Jessica takes a bus from NYC, where she lives and works as a set decorator, to Boston, her hometown, where she cares for her dad

Total votes: 55
'1, 2, 3... You Please'.

A successful young woman, Jesse, struggles to lead a normal life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Total votes: 97
The Red Man

An isolated neurotic gives refuge to a vulnerable alien-like man.

Total votes: 406

Through destruction comes hope. A U.S. Special Forces Veteran strikes an unlikely friendship with a young heroine addicted girl.

Total votes: 29

What would you do if you had over three hundred broken bones all before your thirtieth birthday?

Total votes: 150
He Ain't Heavy

An intimate portrayal of a midwestern family's struggles with their brain-damaged son.

Total votes: 34
ShiversTV - The Supernatural

Welcome to the world of the paranormal. This Anthology film hosted by ShiversTV is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Total votes: 166

Leaving behind Saint Petersburg Wasilij drives to the north of Russia to see his grandma’s house where he spent his childhood days.

Total votes: 154
My Little Older Brother

Fien is experiencing a lot of problems with the fact that she is overgrowing her mentally handicapped brother Mees in several ways.

Total votes: 415
One in a Million

An autistic teenager dreams of a better life and escaping the shackles of his impoverished seaside hometown.

Total votes: 97
Motxila21 Live!

Motxila 21 are a unique rock band … full of strength, passion and enthusiasm… but oh!…there is something peculiar about them … half of the band’s members hav

Total votes: 73
Let Her Go

A man tormented by his wife's death must turn to a psychiatrist before loosing his sanity.

Total votes: 219
Mind Games; The Many Faces of PTSD

PTSD, Who can get it and why...

Total votes: 75
My Mom and The Girl

Dinner with friends takes a dark turn and leads a retired jazz singer (Valerie Harper) suffering with Alzheimer's and her caregiver (Liz Torres) to a proverb

Total votes: 129
Skin Deep

Skin Deep by Lulu Jiang is a film that fuses live action and illustration to explore a layered romance about tattoos and their power to psychologically seduc

Total votes: 487
Hope: Hatred is not Hereditary

In the world filled with hatred and terrorism, there is still hope as hatred is not hereditary,

Total votes: 180
Miracle Works

A factory...A man...And a secret he's never shared with anyone until...

Total votes: 329

After the death of her father, a young woman uses her writing to travel beyond the veil of madness into a world of magic, mystery and music.

Total votes: 207

It is a Documentary Short Film about Autism Advocacy.Man vs. ASD.

Total votes: 110

FREE is an observational documentary that is following a group of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions and the

Total votes: 504
Love Is...

Love Is... is a journey to define the true meaning of “Love” and it begins with us.

Total votes: 296
Jimmy and Sophie

The last human proposes marriage to his lonely guardian robot, but she sets up the ultimate challenge - an epic game of chess.

Total votes: 77
Hall of Mirrors

'Hall Of Mirrors' is a short drama/comedy aimed to raise awareness and support for the Body Dysmorphic Disorder and its sufferers.

Total votes: 86

A bulimic young woman seeks inpatient treatment and confronts her illnesses darkest secrets.

Total votes: 147

Gemma has a gimp leg. Her best friend calls her Gimpsey - a crippling in-joke wearing thin.

Total votes: 105
Jacob Is Ready

Terminally ill man is about to exercise his right to physician-assisted suicide. In his last moments on earth he has only one regret.

Total votes: 113
Wild Seeds

A madcap ensemble comedy set in a new-age 'psychiatric retreat center', Wild Seeds explores the big questions of sanity, human behavior and societal

Wild Seeds
Total votes: 247
Temple Grandin & Friends: Los Angeles Club Nokia May 20, 2015

Autism Works Now! Currently over 50,000 youth with autism & related disorders graduate from the US public school system each year, 90% are unemployed.

Total votes: 53
It's not about flying

A man has Parkinson's disease. He dreams of when he was in a good shape and sadly lives through his long days.

Total votes: 201
Losing Touch

A German actor and filmmaker travels to Nepal, trying to understand what it means to have leprosy and how an easily curable disease can still be a factor in

Total votes: 60
Wrath of a rose

IntroL’ira della rosa (Wrath of a rose) is a short story about a woman meeting a man.

Total votes: 162
Black to White

48 hour period in the life of a Syrian family assimilating to life in Australia, follows the journey through the eyes of a 12 year old Zaina.

Total votes: 313
Frank & Suzie

A mute musician ever eager to express herself finds out there is more to communication than spoken language when she meets a blind tailor...

Total votes: 224
Body Language

Body Language is a film that details the similarities of two very different relationships in similar and slightly comical situations.

Total votes: 65
Reflex Camera

When moments of uneasiness try to creep in as they will in everyone's life, I tell myself to get that camera back in focus, and everything is okay.

Total votes: 394
All that Glitters (special edition)

A documentary about twin sisters with Cerebral Palsy who are being considered for major roles in a Hollywood motion picture.

Total votes: 115
Rocket Man

Keith, a young man with Asperger's Syndrome, obsessively builds a time machine wishing he can take back a mistake he made in the past that forced him off of

Total votes: 144


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