Orange Boy

Orange is the coldest color.Domestic violence is always hard to tell,this film based on 3 different true stories .He used be a son, Who saw his father beat h

Total votes: 13

The shocking story of an adult man with a trafficked girl.

Total votes: 4
Still I Rise: 2ndchances

This documentary/Film depicts the harsh reality of the Texas Criminal Justice System and the effects its had on an entire community.

Total votes: 45
A day in the life of Mick Mick

How you see depends a great deal on where you are.

Total votes: 35
Flying Rats

On a sweltering summer day Kian and Nadir (11) see how Nadir’s family is arrested by the immigration police.

Total votes: 103
Raising Hopes

It is a story about a Summer camp fundraised and established by a struggling local couple to uplift the girls vulnerable to the danger of suicide at Pine Rid

Total votes: 86

Sometimes falling is the only way to get home!

Total votes: 59
Written Off

Pilot Episode Logline: The Fashion section of The Chicago Truth is shutting down, rendering Keith and Liam jobless.

Total votes: 10

In urban America, trauma surgeons race to heal gunshot wounds and acts of violence...even though they were preventable.

Total votes: 19
Nouhe doesn't know how to swim

MOROCCO, 1950th. Nouhe, a 45-years man , a widower and father of a child. He raises alone his son Othello. The child was born without both arms.

Total votes: 70
The Garden

A story of a girl who spent her early childhood in nature but then had to grow up in a big city…Days in the garden are full of joy, play, creativity and love

Total votes: 15
Show and Tell

When Naya, a recent 9­‐year­‐old Lebanese immigrant, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school concert she is thrilled until she realizes

Total votes: 8

Between four thick and cold walls, in the shelter of the sun heat, Valentina is waiting for her brother Dino. They’re going to spend Easter together.

Total votes: 7

In a remote house in the mountains, a package arrives from far away.The shaky hands of a blind lady unwraps a parcel.Inside a box, two objects; a small bottl

Total votes: 9
Black and Blue

An African American police office is killed in the line of duty leaving his son angry and his father detached.

Total votes: 6

In a seemingly idyllic Cypriot village, twelve-year-old Socrates’ careless summer days of riding his bike and tantalizing the local residents come to an abru

Total votes: 82

China has been through a dramatic urbanization as its economy grows.

Total votes: 15
Transformation: Art Peace Imagine in India

Peace, Love, - and Art - produce a beautiful palette in any situation, but make for an especially poignant one when brought to a school for girls in a poor v

Total votes: 6

Mae would rather be a horse than go to school.

Total votes: 8
Maju Terus! / Go For It!

Moluccas exiles in The Netherlands have been labeled as failures.

Total votes: 67
Broken Pines

Two young sisters are stuck on a camping trip with their constantly fighting parents.

Total votes: 9
From: Manzanar - To: the Divided States of America

Wrongs to be set right, World War II Japanese internment camps predict the dark future of our current path.

Total votes: 107
You Got a Problem...

Uncle Louie takes care of a problem.

Total votes: 6
Once I Will be child

Imagine clocks stop in time, happily amazed at that time when we were kids, that time of our lives where every second, every decision, every meeting becomes

Total votes: 8
Story's Students

A middle-school teacher is faced with correcting a bogus presentation of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol given in her home by an uninvited character.

Total votes: 5
Habaneros U12

First Cuban children baseball team to play in the US since 1948.

Total votes: 81
Ed's Whale

A small city poet finds direction in his writing and a children's book entitled Walter the Whale with Wings.

Total votes: 11

Bram (10 years) steals a small boat, puts wheels under it and travels towards the sea.

Total votes: 46
'One Word'

'One word' Is a film about how art helps a student express himself to his peers in a unique way.

Total votes: 54

After a thousand nights a man sleepwalks and trips over his own truth.

Total votes: 8
Just Like Us

This documentary explores Camp Tatiyee and the importance of empowering those living with special needs.

Total votes: 18

Possum is a tale of two young brothers who accompany their lumberjack father to a forest campsite.

Total votes: 92
Those People

When Amanda finds out she's pregnant she's surprised by how ambivalent she is about it and shocked by how happy her boyfriend is.

Total votes: 9
What's In A Name?

Opal comes of age while struggling with identity issues because she knows her feuding parents intentionally gave her the wrong last name.

Total votes: 6
Life of Folk dancing

Folk dance is not just about dancing, it's also about community, family and heritage.

Total votes: 2

In a search for answers, nine families struggling with undiagnosed genetic conditions have their DNA sequenced.

Total votes: 3

Two boys meeting for the first time, strike up a friendship thanks to an unlikely common interest and two wild imaginations.

Total votes: 7
Pepita & Max - an alpine blessing for Monsieur Raf

Pepita and Max have all sorts of adventures. Monsieur Raf, Max' toy giraffe, is always with them.

Total votes: 72

An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet.

Total votes: 17
Mt. Molehill

In the late 1800s, a young girl traverses the rocky mountain wilderness to enact revenge upon the grizzly bear responsible for her fathers death.

Total votes: 9

A child's world transforms everything into magic or into fear.Summer vacation.

Total votes: 6
Cowboy Billy's OK Corral

“Live right, the cowboy way!” That’s what Cowboy Billy says as he welcomes kids to the OK Corral, where everyone is OK.

Total votes: 54


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