Asian American


A micro-budget ensemble drama about the anxiety of modern love and life among friends in a big city.

Total votes: 267
Siren Song: Women Singers of Pakistan

The History of Pakistan takes song through its women singers.These women are the voices of peace and progress--who shatter stereotypes about Muslim women thr

Total votes: 486
Curiosity, Adventure & Love

One woman’s journey through a century of love, war and discovery.Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where

Total votes: 792
A Different Sun

A Chinese family moves from their native land to a town in Germany and struggles to adjust to the different culture. Marriage hangs in the balance....

Total votes: 366
The White Coat Chef

The White Coat Chef is a biographical documentary about a young Asian American man named Hishen Dang, who grew up in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

Total votes: 300

GANDHI'S GIFT shows the Master of Nonviolence at the end of his life, on the brink of attaining his lifelong goal of independence from the British but with h

Total votes: 476
The Lonely Light of Home

“The Lonely Light of Home” follows a family who runs a B&B fishing lodge in coastal British Columbia.

Total votes: 231
The love of Kunlun Mountains

Li Peng with his grandfather's relics to recall the memory in Kunlun montains in 50s,which happened between paramilitary commander and the local political pr

Total votes: 436

The real life story of a young California man becoming a super star in the adult film world while being a family man finding out going independent against ma

Total votes: 647

An exploration of identity through two roommates. One morning their interactions show them just what they have in common.

Total votes: 573
The Best and the Loneliest Days

When Yang, a Chinese girl living in Los Angeles, has a dream in English, she needs to prove that she’s still a hundred percent Chinese.

Total votes: 163
The FUSION: being Physically Spiritual, Spiritually Physical

This film challenges the traditional notion of “spirituality”, the distant and equivocal into something tangible and practical, our day-to-day living perhaps

Total votes: 141
Maju Terus! / Go For It!

Moluccas exiles in The Netherlands have been labeled as failures.

Total votes: 722
From: Manzanar - To: the Divided States of America

Wrongs to be set right, World War II Japanese internment camps predict the dark future of our current path.

Total votes: 1039
Lilly's Secret

In Lilly's Secret, loneliness and alienation have been showed through social issues such as integration, equality between men and women, abortion. Lilly belo

Total votes: 250
'Gray's Disconnect'

'Gray's Disconnect' is about reincarnation of tragedy and connection and how it manifests throughout our lives.

Total votes: 333

First place winner of HBO's inaugural APA Visionaries contest.

Total votes: 183
The Purple Orchid

The only choice of a woman with agoraphobia is to dive into 'The Killing Fields' to retrieve her cure.

Total votes: 558
Meet Me At A Funeral

A dying man and a suicide survivor befriend one another while both attending a stranger’s funeral.

Total votes: 285
Set Life

A comedy that follows the rarely dull lives of television Production Assistants as they deal with day-to-day life challenges, work, and the people they work

Total votes: 219
Being Thomas

A troubled kid burglarizes an elderly man who welcomes him as his estranged son.

Total votes: 134
Nostradamus - Search for the Next Anti-Christ

Is the search finally over? Let me show you the clues

Total votes: 239

A fish out of water story about Vargas, a Fil-Am's first trip to NYC

Total votes: 732
The Bird Who Could Fly

A young Korean-American man struggles with his journey in the face of an overbearing mother and two brothers whose lives have gone awry.

Total votes: 252
Small Talk

Down the rabbit hole you'll meet the 'other' residents of Wonderland, where dinner is being served with a side of ism's.

Total votes: 638
In Memory of Daniel Lee

Daniel is the last of his kind, a noble man. What awaits him for his noble deeds when he passes on? Is it good, or bad?

Total votes: 224
Not Quite White

Too Asian for white roles and too white for Asian roles. Shit.

Total votes: 200

A visual artist overcomes the pressures of social media through self-discovery and decides to capture everyday life to determine where beauty truly lies.

Total votes: 274
Hyperloop Dreams

A deaf man lives his nightmare inside out.

Total votes: 198
Memory Box

Memory Box tells the story of a young woman struggling with PTSD and living in isolation.

Total votes: 182
The Dash

Life isn't fair. Five years ago, six friends began shooting their own documentary reality show.

Total votes: 140
The Nuclear Family

Ari M. Beser is the grandson of Lt. Jacob Beser, the only U.S. serviceman aboard both atomic bomb-carrying B-29s.

Total votes: 614
Bumbai Bird

A soul is visiting unconscious bodies in the city and looking back in time with them to understand what happened to them.

Total votes: 269
Hell Memory

In an attempt to track down a priceless diamond and save the woman he love, Yuan Liang, who has the ability to erase memories, must fight against his boss an

Total votes: 335
Voices From Kaw Thoo Lei

Karen People of Burma believe no one hears their pleas for help as their country remains ravaged by a war that has lasted more than six decades.

Total votes: 253
SUPER VEGGIES by the Superha Family

We all want our kids to eat healthier, and this music video makes eating vegetables fun.

Total votes: 303
There's Always Tomorrow

Ex-lovers Anthony & Durga, who are now happily settled in their respective married lives, have a chance meeting after a gap of eight years in Abu Dhabi,

Total votes: 833

A man destined at birth to make Tamahagane Departs on a journey to become a Samurai. People later called this young man The 'Tatara Samurai'.

Total votes: 286
The Karma Club

A story of taboo.

Total votes: 308
ShiversTV - The Supernatural

Welcome to the world of the paranormal. This Anthology film hosted by ShiversTV is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Total votes: 342
Red Ninja the Sister Hood

Red Ninja the Sisterhood is an action pack old school martial arts movie in our time with traditional apparel and old school techniques.

Total votes: 315
Silent Composition

Love inspires art

Total votes: 215


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