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Sweet & Vicious/ LAS MALAS LENGUAS


MANUELA is an only child of wealthy, devoted and well-meaning parents who are part of Colombia’s high-society. She has an ambitious boyfriend and her best friend ADRIANA to confide in. Despite appearances, Manuela’s perfect smile is as superficial as the lifestyle for which she has been groomed. A secret love for Adriana boils inside of her and as the film progresses; the façade of her pristine life begins to crumble. The news of her unexpected pregnancy sets her on a collision course with her deepest desire and a society that keeps her in a mold she desperately wants to escape. When she finally begins to rebel against the social confinement of her elite upbringing, Manuela clashes against her family’s expectations for her future trajectory.

Las Malas Lenguas is a Colombian film that breaks the silence about abortion and homosexuality in one of Latin America's most conservative societies. It gives unprecedented access into the world of Colombia's elite and through Manuela's journey it offers a glimpse of the maddening atmosphere created when modernity and wealth coexist with third world problems and sensibilities.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Juan Paulo Laserna
Writers: Juan Paulo Laserna, Juan Camilo Brigard
Producers: Maja Zimmermann, Juan Paulo Laserna
Key cast: Sara Montoya, Matilde de los Milagros Londoño, Pedro Mejia

Total votes: 2299

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