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A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind


The pupils of Bičevje Primary School in Slovenia discuss the contributions of individuals to a better world.They emphasize the role models of adults and their impact on young people. They point out some of the sustainable development goals, suggesting that they could be achieved by actions, performed by any individual, no matter how old he or she is.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Bernarda Avsenik, Alenka Fajfar Gnezda
Writers: Bernarda Avsenik, Alenka Fajfar Gnezda
Producers: Bernarda Avsenik, Alenka Fajfar Gnezda
Key cast: Tit Šenk, dr. Aleš Gnamuš, Gaia Merlak Gnamuš, Ivan Vajagić Gičulović, Dragiša Gičulović, Viki Oman, Bernarda Avsenik, David Zindović, Aljaž Ocvirk, Alenka Fajfar Gnezda, Jana Kobal, Tara Mlekuž, Vlasta S. Lipovec, Grega Matjan, Maja Prettner, Amadej Blažinčič, Nuri Thomas

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