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To Police


A young police officer faces racially-charged fallout after the pursuit of a violent criminal ends in the shooting of an innocent teenager.



Information for the Audience: 

On the surface, this is a film about a white police officer who shoots a black teenager, but it is not a retelling of recent events in Ferguson, nor is it a commentary on the state of racial tensions in America. In fact, this script was written a year and a half prior to the events of Ferguson, and is a retelling of reality in America. This is a story about American willingness to pass judgment before understanding, and how easily that type of thinking can destroy the lives of others.

This film encourages the viewer not to fall victim to the pitchfork state our society is currently in; quick to aim them in whichever direction the media or public opinion urges us to, without first thinking for ourselves. We’re all guilty of judging others too quickly and forming toxic opinions of things before ever truly learning the facts. This film challenges us all to reflect on those times and reconsider how we will react to such situations in the future.

While the film contains a strong social message, it is not by any means a public service announcement. This message is woven into the fabric of a fictional tale of the consequences of merely existing in the reality that we do today. To Police throws the viewer into a gripping dramatic narrative following the aftermath of a tragic police shooting, and how it has affected the life of the officer involved. With carefully selected shots and a story that unfolds non-linearly, the viewer is lead on an emotional journey as the layers of this young police officer’s life are peeled back and the true events of that fateful day of the shooting are exposed.

Screenings / Awards: 

WINNER Audience Award for Best Short 2015 Orlando Film Festival
WINNER Best Action Film 2015 15-Minutes of Fame Festival
WINNER Award of Merit 2015 Best Shorts Competition

OFFICIAL SELECTION 7th Annual LA Indie Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 15-Minutes of Fame Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Orlando Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Los Angeles Black Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 HollyShorts December Monthly Screening Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 London Shows International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 California International Shorts Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION 2015 Best Shorts Competition

Directed by: 
Corey Deshon
Writing credits: 
Corey Deshon
Justin Dobies, Hiram A. Murray, David Kieran, and Kendall Chappell
Produced by: 
Michelle Poole and Corey Deshon
Release Date: 
Monday, September 7, 2015
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