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Peter Pain


"Peter Pain"

Genre: Family action adventure

An adventurous bookworm evades her kidnappers with unexpected help from her father's greatest writing success—a sworn child-hater.

TIA and her sister SUE prepare everything for the opening of their adventure park, committed to their father's biggest writing success. ART, the writer, refuses HESTER'S proposal to sell his forest and forces Hester into hiring two mercenaries, REX and KHAN.
After Rex's hit with guns for hire, Tia uses her curiosity and a Shaman's book, returns Art from the dead, and with him his character, PETER PAIN, who hid in Art since Art's visit to Africa. Peter Pain hates children, but something in Tia forces him to protect this girl. This "something" is Peter Pain's daughter, who was murdered by child soldiers in Africa and could easily be Tia's twin. Khan and Rex, going after Tia, execute hit after hit at Art's family, always ending in Peter Pain's hands, who polishes his wrestling skills on them. Hester runs out of patience and threatens her mercenaries, which forces Rex to poison Sue, kidnap Tia, and send Art in a confrontation with Peter Pain.
In the final showdown, Tia outsmarts Rex and Khan, Hester ends in handcuffs, Tia gets her family back, and a friend for life in Peter Pain.

Written by: Zvonko Leskovar,


Information for the Audience: 

Writer: Zvonko Leskovar

Directed by: Lance Kawas

Directed by: 
Lance Kawas
Writing credits: 
Zvonko Leskovar
Total votes: 190

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