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This is not dying



On the doorstep of the Sequoias; this music driven shamanic journey begins; the

destination is synchronistically orchestrated by a loving Universe. Three friends;

three timelines; all paths lead to death…of ego!

Magical metamorphosis, as the characters follow breadcrumbs to the dark forest

of the psyche.

Improvisational, with multi-mediums of artistic expression, woven into an organic


Songwriter Bree decides to take a road trip. A mysterious triangle on a random map

suggests a destination. Two friends will tag along. Thus begins the music driven,

shamanic journey: This is not dying. A chance encounter with a psychotherapist/shaman  

who uses psilocybin mushrooms to facilitate his radical therapy and soon, the friends

have decided to follow the white rabbit. One road; three trips.

All of Wyatt’s wealth and power cannot save him from the loss of his illusion of control.

Bree’s journey is a more tranquil experience. Having long been on a shamanic quest

through art, her adventure moves beyond personal issues of ego and mind, into dealing

with the world by effecting change and inner growth.

Searching for the meaning of life amongst the endless details of his family diaries, Jeff is

overwhelmed. His desire to save the world through environmentalism brings several

characters to life in an astral traveling journey to the giant Sequoias, and beyond.

9 people, 5 days, 10k; art drenched anti-formula experimental; therapy session +

music video + improve theater workshop + reality show + indie film.

Breaking the 4th wall.

                         “Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself.”


                                                OrangeRay Creative Lab
                                                  A film by W. Morrison

Information for the Audience: 

From OrangeRay Creative Lab, an Experimental Film by W. Morrison
A music driven, shamanic journey of three friends on a road trip, who go further than they would have ever imagined.
NOTE: This film was shot in 5 days, with only 9 cast & crew members, with a budget of 10k; 2k went to the location house and 2k went into a refurbished Macbook Pro w/FCPX.

We had one shot of each scene set up, so when editing, what I offer you, is the best of what I had to work with, that said, I think we did an incredible job! I hope you enjoy!
Starring: Gary Austin; Introducing Danvir Singh; with Keith Merritt, and Wendi Morrison. Also: Michael Lee Springer as John Muir, Tim Piper as the voice of John Lennon, and Dr. Guy McPherson. as the voice of Green Man. Cinematography by Alberto De Coste Calla.
Contains brief profanity. Music from Neptune's daughter and Black Kaweah. More at:

Screenings / Awards: 

Semi-Finalist Cinema Magic London

Directed by: 
W. Morrison
Writing credits: 
Wendi Morrison and Keith Merritt
Gary Austin Danvir Singh Wendi Morrison Keith Merritt Michael Lee Springer Michael Jost Dane Milner Voice of Dr. Guy McPherson Voice of Monica Hankins Voice of Missy Hill
Produced by: 
Wendi Morrison with Jenny Cruz
Music by: 
Neptune's daughter Black Kaweah AfriZen
Cinematography by: 
Alberto De Coste-Calla
Film Editing by: 
Wendi Morrison
Casting by: 
W. Morrison Jenny Cruz
Production Design by: 
Wendi Morrison
Art Direction by: 
Set Decoration by: 
Wendi Morrison
Makeup Department: 
Jenny Cruz Wendi Morrison
Other crew: 
Drew O'Donnell-Sound Patrick Kerwin
Release Date: 
Monday, August 28, 2017
Official website:
Total votes: 1724