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Never Stop (Live Version)


Never Stop (Live Version) is the soundtrack promotional video for 'Jim' by Josephine Halbert, who produced and directed the video.  The video, produced in 2016, included footage of the original recording of the live, acoustic version of the  song Never Stop, written and performed by singer/songwriter Jonty Balls of the rock band Desert Mountain Tribe.  It is a classic love song that filmmaker Josephine commissioned for her play and the brief was to create a timeless song that play's fictional main character, Jim, a musician, writes for the story's heroine.  The video also included dramatised scenes inspired by the sotry of Jim featuring the actors Charlotte Quita Jones and Cesare Taurasi who play the main roles in the audio drama.

The play, Jim, tells the story of a rock and roll romance, set against the backdrop of the psychedelic scene in 1968 between a well known American musician and an aspiring young English writer.  Jim is the 'muse's story, narrated by the story's heroine, Laura, and we follow their relationship over a series of her memories of their meetings in California, London and Copenhagen when Jim is on a summer European tour with his band at the height of their fame.  It is a story about the mystery and adventure of being young and falling in love and how the experience of such an emotional awakening can never leave us where they find us.

The song Never Stop (Live Version) winner of a 2017 Global Music Award, is one of three original songs commissioned by Josephine Halbert for her radio project 'Jim' written by Desert Mountain Tribe.  The songs are The King, Leave It Behind and Never Stop. They were recorded and mixed at Shaken Oak Studios in Oxon in 2014 by recording engineer Arthur Young.  Arthur also composed an instrumental track Gone To Blaises for the production.  The songs were mastered by Jolyon Thomas and the recordings were produced by Josephine for her own Ammadore Records label which is the rights holder of this video.  The music is released and available on the JIM EP by Desert Mountain Tribe on Apple itunes / Apple Music and is also available on other digital distribution platforms and Spotify.

The play, 'Jim' recorded at  London's dsound Studio and the video was filmed in London and at the original recording of the song at a Church in Oxfordshire.

Jim the radio drama by Josephine Halbert is currently available to listen to free on PRX here at: https:///

*TRIVIA - And the Director Sings Too!  Josephine sings along in the chorus with the band on the studio version of the song Never Stop - her one and only rock and roll performance to date.  She thanks the band for their generosity.

Please see the website link for further information about the project which includes a making of documentary, The Making of Jim, featuring interviews with the creative team here at - 'Jim' Project Pages




English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Never Stop (Live Version) is the promotional video for the radio drama 'Jim' written by the music video's director Josephine Halbert. Jim tells the story of a transatlantic romance between an American musician and an aspiring English writer set against the backdrop of the psychedelic scene in 1968.  Never Stop is a classic love song that the director asked the band Desert Mountain Tribe to write, a timeless song that the hero in the story writes for the heroine.  The video features the original recording of the live version of the song which was done in a church in England and is written and performed by the band's singer/songwriter Jont Balls.  It also features footage of dramatised scenes from the play starring the actors Charlotte Quite Jones and Cesare Taurasi  who perform the roles in the radio drama.  You can listen to Jim, the radio play on PRX here at - The music is available on the Jim EP 'a radio play by Josephine Halbert with music by Desert Mountain Tribe.

Screenings / Awards: 

The Santa Fe Film Festival,  USA, 2016 - Winner, Best Music Video,

Los Angeles Film Awards 2017, USA, - Honorable Mention, Music Video

Cosmic Film Festival, Orlando, Florida, USA - Finalist, Best Short Film

Festigious, LA, USA - Winner, Best Music Video

The Monthly Film Festival, TMFF - Glasgow, Scotland - Official Selection, February 2017

International Monthly Film Festival - Copenhagen, Denmark - February 2017 - Official Selection Festival

Bare Bones International Film and Music Festival, Oklahoma, USA , 2017 - Winner, Silver Bonehead (Runner Up, Music Video)

Phoenix Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, March 2017 - Finalist,

Filmstrip International Film Festival , Iasi, Romania - Official Selection

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2017 (BAFTA CWMRU PARTNER FESTIVAL) Wales - Winner, Best Music Video

The NOVA Fest, North Virginia Internatinal Film and Music Festival, 2017, USA, Runner Up, Best Music Video

World Fest Houston 50th Annual International Film Festival, USA - Gold Remi Winner (Music Video Craft, Low Budget)

Asbury Park Music and Film Festival, Asbury Park, NJ, USA, 2017, Official Selection

Near Nazareth, Israel, May 2017, Official Selectio

MusiCanZone, Cesena, Italy 2017  - Official Selection,

Cardiff Mini Film Festival 2017, Wales  - Shortlist, Nominee, Best Music Video

Salento International Film Festival, Italy, 2017 - Official Selection

Lake Charles Film Festival, USA, 2017 - Official Selection

Brasov International Film Festival, 2017 - Winner, Best Music Video,

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival (online) India, 2017  - Finalist

Endless Mountains Film Festival, USA - Official Selection, 2017st

Oniros Film Awards, Italy (monthly) Three Nominations, Best Song, Best Music Video, Best Poster

WNY F.A.M.E. , USA, 2017 - Official Selection

WMIFF Awards 2018, USA - Nominee, Best Music Video 2018

Malta Film Festival 2017 -  Semi Finalist, not screened

Manchester Lift-Off Online, UK, 2017 - Official Selection

London Lift Off Online, UK, 2017 - Official Selection

Mindfield Film Festival , Los Angeles  2017, USA, Winner- Best Music Video, Diamond Award, October 2017

Pocono Mounains Film Festival, USA, 2017, Official Selection

Oslo Film Festival (Oslo Independent) , Oslo, Norway, 2017 - Winner, Best Music Video

Logcinema Festival, Miami, 2018, Official Selection, Music Video






Directed by: 
Josephine Halbert
Writing credits: 
Promotional Video for 'Jim', the radio drama written by the music video's director Josephine Halbert. Josephine commissioned the band Desert Mountain Tribe to write three original songs for her radio drama and Never Stop (Live Version) was written by the band's singer/songwriter, Jonty Balls which he plays at the original recording of the song in this video.
Jonty Balls (Singer/Songwriter), Desert Mountain Tribe Charlotte Quita Jones Cesare Taurasi
Produced by: 
Josephine Halbert
Music by: 
Desert Mountain Tribe
Cinematography by: 
Mark Wickson Chris Newcombe Josephine Halbert
Film Editing by: 
Karoline Moser
Art Direction by: 
Josephine Halbert
Costume Design by: 
Josephine Halbert
Makeup Department: 
Jenna Treat
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 20, 2018
Total votes: 1908

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