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In this dance film, we go on a magical journey down to the depths of the sea.
Deep down there in the darkest corners, we meet the bizarre deep-sea creature Microbis, which takes us on a dance journey through the deep sea's endless darkness.
In this arty dance-film i wanted to calange the general convention of street dance and expose it to new challenges and expressions.
The dance works as a way of giveing life and character to a moving sculpture made entirely of toilet rolls. The sculpture's appearance draws its inspiration from various invertebrates deep-sea animals, whose pattern of movement also inspired the dance that picked his physical vocabulary from popping and waving.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Concept, Idea and Choreography by: Lucas Carlsson
Dancer: Robin Sundberg

Music by: Markus B Almqvist "Almkvist"
Directed by: Lucas Carlsson
Co Director: Jonathan Morell
Co Director: Eos Karlsson
Director of photography: Jonathan Morell, Eos Karlsson and Lucas Carlsson
Photography by: Einar Kling-Odencrans
Costume design by: Lucas Carlsson

Screenings / Awards: 

Winner of best editing - Stockmotion filmfestival (Sweden)
Winner of best original soundtrack - Stockmotion filmfestival (Sweden)
Winner of best original soundtrack - Novemberfestivalen 20th (Sweden)

Total votes: 2109

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