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'Life actually'


A woman starts her day with candle meditation at the park. She uses this time to reset herself, to dive into her inner space and reconnect with her true self that is connected to everything. We join her in silencing her mind through gazing meditation and visualising a path to the special someone inside us. It is in essence, a guide to enter into a meditative state by gazing at a candle flame, embracing the serene surroundings and experiencing the comfort and security of coming home to your inner space.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Natsuko Sagawa Writers: Natsuko Sagawa Producers: Natsuko Sagawa Key cast: Natsuko Sagawa


Information for theatres: 

Student project: No Completion date: 2021-06-25 Shooting format: mp4 Aspect ratio: 16:9 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 77