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I am- I am Robot



Information for the Audience: 

I created this film on my Canon 5d Mark ii, using a zoom lens too. I used friends and family for the film. I am a multi media artist from brooklyn ny. It took me one year of filming and editing to finish film.This is my third film. it is an independent film.



Directed by: 
Risha Gorig
Risha Gorig, Elizabeth Ehrhardt, Jaqueline Kelly, Aviva Gorig, Melena Steiner, Nadja Steiner, Franz Landspersky, Myra Gorig, Chris Van Nes, Robbie Cordianao
Produced by: 
risha Gorig
Music by: 
Rhoneil " the Door" and Satie le Gymnastique, Bach
Cinematography by: 
Risha Gorig
Film Editing by: 
Risha Gorig
Casting by: 
Risha Gorig
Art Direction by: 
Risha Gorig
Set Decoration by: 
Risha Gorig
Costume Design by: 
Risha Gorig
Makeup Department: 
Risha Gorig
Release Date: 
Saturday, July 1, 2017
Total votes: 12513

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