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Forêt Debussy


Deep in the barren mountains, a mother and a daughter live an isolated quiet life.
The Daughter looks lean and fragile. She seems unreactive toward her surroundings, confining herself in her own wretched world. The Mother is like a guardian angel who always protects her and takes care of everything. Before living in seclusion, The Daughter was a pianist who lost her husband and son. The Mother decided to take her away and hid her in the mountains where no one could ever find them, believing it is the only possible way for her daughter to survive, Nevertheless, they have to face nothing but themselves ever since, as well as to confront the endless forest…


English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Director’s Statement

I’ve been away from home for long, yet my concern for the social happenings in Taiwan grows day by day – Taiwanese people get unsure and fear about their future while the voice of the subaltern keeps being neglected. I can hardly overlook all these situations, hoping to speak for the island, but how shall I begin?
When I think of all these questions, the story of Forêt Debussy appears: if the land is no longer inhabitable one day, where can we go? If we run away from the familiar metropolitan life and return to the nature, will the abandoned civilization once again restart and thus be redeemed?

Screenings / Awards: 

7th Beijing International Film Festival – Official Selection

53rd Golden Horse Awards –Best Supporting Actress Nomination

1st International Film Festival & Awards Macao – Official Selection

36th Hawaii International Film Festival Halekulani Golden Orchid Award – Best Narrative Feature Nomination

2016 Kaohsiung Film Festival – Opening Film

Directed by: 
KUO Cheng-Chui
Writing credits: 
KUO Cheng-Chui
GWEI Lun-Mei LU Yi-Ching
Produced by: 
Aileen LI, Steven TU
Cinematography by: 
Antoine Héberlé
Film Editing by: 
Yannis Polinacci, Nien-Hsiu LI
Production Design by: 
HUANG Mei-Ching
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 28, 2017
Total votes: 1291

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