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Dreams into the wind


In a small villa, a wise and illiterate man has built, to offer it to the world, a strange garden which has embodied the disturbing images of your dreams. Is the planet Pillipo, orderly world with images and visions, where angels with God scamper to the wind. That world seems to have arisen from fear, child or adult, a sensitive man. But for some time, something prevents him dream, fear: in a motorcycle accident, because of love for his dog, blotted all his visions.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: David Delgado San Ginés

Writers: David Delgado San Ginés

Producers: David Delgado San Ginés, Melchor López

Key cast: Pillipo, Pedro García, Melchor López


Director: David Delgado San Ginés

• Los Seres Bondadosos – Trilogía (video art) 1991 
• La Oportunidad – Second chance (short film) 1994 
• Entrando en el tiempo (video art) 2007 
• Viaje a la conciencia (video art) 2008 
• Aniversario de nada (short film hd) 2008 
• Sueño Fronterizo (short film hd/35 mm.) 2009 
• El aire de un día (short film hd) 2010 
• Filmología Imaginaria (short film hd) 2011 
• Tríptico Variaciones Pranyko (Proyect vídeo art for Tenerife Espacio de las Artes) 2012 
• Stipo Pranyko con cuadros blancos (feature documentary hd) 2012 
• La muerte de los héroes (short film hd) 2013 
• Cortometraje “Solar” (productor y director asesor del Taller de Cine Posible II) (2013) 
• Espacio para un poema de buenos días (Sensaciones Ozu) (video poema silente) 2013 
• Documental de largometraje “El mar de los que son” (productor y director asesor del Taller de Cine Posible II). (2014). 
• Documental de mediometraje ““Cuando lleguen los barcos” (productor y director asesor del Taller de Cine Posible II). (2014). 
• Los Sueños al viento (feature documentary) 2015

Director’s Statement

What I like a certain kind of cinema is its possibility, and its mystery.



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Information for theatres: 

student project: No
completion date: 2015-03-03
shooting format: HD
aspect ratio: 16:9
film color: Black & White and Color
first-time filmmaker: No

Total votes: 3336