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The house at 302-bis is a legendary place connected with the name of Mikhail Bulgakov, and in particular with the novel "The Master and Margarita." This place was No.1 for informal youth in Moscow of 1980-1990s. It was dwelt by painters and poets, punks and hippies, literary critics and ordinary fans of the novel. Music, singing and a sound of port bottles would never fade all day long. All their energy was splashed out on the walls of the staircase in the famous entrance No. 6 through paintings and forbidden poems.

This space also functionied as the social network. Neighbors who lived next to the "bad apartment," were furious because of such Bulgakov`s "heritage" and began to fight against the informal youth. Housing problem, as well as other questions and characters from Bulgakov`s  works are still relevant.

The wrangle over the ownership of the territory in the house in Bolshaya Sadovaya St. continues up to now, and even today Annushka, Margarita, Begemoth and Woland sometimes haunt these stairs...

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Information for the Audience: 

For half a century the house #10 in Bolshaya Sadovaya St. is full of fans from all over the world. However not everyone is happy about such neighborhood. Some characters from Bulgakov`s works are still living there. And all what the author wrote about will happen again…

Directed by: 
Anna Yurtaeva
Namik Ismaylov
Produced by: 
Anna Yurtaeva
Music by: 
Artem Zotkin
Cinematography by: 
Andrey Gurkin
Film Editing by: 
Anna Yurtaeva
Costume Design by: 
Anna Yurtaeva
Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
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