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The Broken Legacy


While voluntarily testing a new drug at a research facility, a lost screenwriter recruits the help of an egotistical philosopher in order to attract the girl of his dreams.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Miguel Garzon Martinez

Writers: Miguel Garzon Martinez

Producers: Miguel Garzon Martinez, Casey O'Brien

Key cast: Michael Stahler, Marcos Esteves, Rayne Bidder, Oren Dayan, Cynthia Bravo, Justine Herron, Maria Olsen



Director: Miguel Garzón Martínez

Miguel Garzón Martínez was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1986. He has a Masters degree in Philosophy and a MFA in Filmmaking. After working a couple of years as a teacher, he decided to move to Los Angeles to devote his full time to filmmaking. Right now he lives in New York and is promoting his first feature film, "The Broken Legacy".

His work include themes such as God's nature ("Genoveva": 2011) and the limits between what is good and what is bad ("Breaking Point": 2012). With "The Broken Legacy", Miguel invites us to think about our own ambitions and how to find balance between the legacy we want to leave behind and our own happiness.

Director’s Statement

The story of “The Broken Legacy” is, in its very core, about three lost men that are searching for immortality. However, these three men have very different visions of what “Immortality” means. For Jacob it means God’s forgiveness for all our sins in the afterlife and the promise of having, literally, eternal life by his side in heaven. Tomás believes that men should devote all his life to create a great work of art to leave as legacy after they die. In his vision, immortality is achieved in the sense that the soul of the artist lives in his work and will he immortal as long as his work is remembered and praised.

Finally, Steven is chasing immortality just by being in love with Emily. Here the desire to be immortal is the same as the sexual desire. At a philosophical level (see Plato’s Symposium), the sexual desire is understood as the desire to have children, which is nothing different from the desire of being immortal: you want to leave behind a living witness of your existence, a legacy, something where your soul lives in and that will be around long after your flesh and bones are gone.



Information for theatres: 

student project: Yes
completion date: 2014-07-16
shooting format: RED
aspect ratio: 16:9
film color: Color
first-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 1674