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Are you Jealous?


Christian is an ambitious TV producer who just created 'Are you Jealous?', a TV show where participants must have sex on TV if they want to get the money. During the first broadcast, the CEO of the TV station will inform Christian that they are gonna cancel the show unless it reaches a 60% of the share, which will force Christian to fight against all the odds in order to m




Information for the Audience: 

SHort film about the lives of 3 different characters, two of the participants of a TV show where they must have sex on TV and the creator of that TV show during the first broadcast. 

Directed by: 
Roberto H. Roquer
Writing credits: 
Roberto H. Roquer
Gianluca Malacrino Erica Elkhalide Pablo Castel
Produced by: 
Roberto H. Roquer
Release Date: 
Thursday, February 23, 2017
Total votes: 341

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