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Ayu draws a picture in a park. She meets the boy who put on the hat of the raccoon. He came from Ibaraki to Tokyo. His name is Hiroto who is younger brother of Miss Mackerel. Ayu is interested in him. But Hiroto had death wish…

Ayu got the raccoon hat although she was disappointed in Hiroto. Her older brother Hamachi works in a cafe. Chinese foreign student Marin comes over there. She gets interested in Hamachi and Ayu’s raccoon hat. Ayu holds hostility feeling against Marin.

In addition, there is Mr. Flying Fish who is the owner of the café and a bar. Originally he got the raccoon hat. Also he gets trouble with his daughter about it and his sexuality. He is the lesbian who Hiroto once loved.

This is film about the group drama that turns around mainly on a raccoon for 3 people.

1 hour 30 minutes 58 seconds


Directed by: 
Yusaku Fushimi
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