New York City International Film Festival

Opening Date: 
December 30, 2016
Earlybird Deadline: 
January 15, 2017
Regular Deadline: 
February 01, 2017
Late Deadline: 
February 21, 2017
Extended Deadline: 
March 10, 2017
Notification Date: 
March 25, 2017
Event Date: 
April 03, 2017 to April 07, 2017
Festival Description: 

Our tradition continues in with our 8 years of Successful International All genre films.
We now are proud to present our First Annual FRIGHT FESTIVAL April 3 to 7, 2017.

We at NYCIFF ( New York City International Film Festival) are dedicated from the first year to support and help filmmakers to go to the next level in their careers, Not an easy task, but  I work tireless, I understand the struggle of filmmakers more in this new times with so much competition even though offering more ways to screen films still not an easy task, the most difficult part is to put buts in every seat in a theatre, is extremely difficult Hollywood spend millions in marketing and promotion having well known celebrities...even though not easy, now think about how difficult is for any film festival trying to promote indie films...A BIG CHALLENGE 

Times have changed, before films distributors used to visit film festivals to see and buy movies, those times are GONE! thanks to the digital and Internet.

We at NYCIFF are proud for what we are doing and what have achieved so far!

Join US!!

Rules & Terms: 

PLEASE READ OUR RULES BELOW Since submission of a film constitutes acceptance of these Entry Rules & Regulations (by filmmakers and or their agents), please review this document carefully.

All Feature Films Must Be New York Premiere - Short Film No Premiere Is Required.

** Entry Fees Are In Us Dollars And Non-Refundable. NOTIFICATION DATE: Filmmaker will be notified by email or phone approximately OCTOBER 15, 2016 NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE FILMS: MUST have English subtitles.

1) Entry form online along with payment.
2) Upload your film in WAB Secure Online screener, IF your Film is in Vimeo please write the password and link in the WAB Cover Letter or email us at info@nyciff.com after you have completed the submission with the payment – You can also submit 1 DVD of the film, formatted for Zone 1 (North America) labeled with the work's Title, Running Time, Director(s) name(s)
* Please do not put adhesive labels on the disc unless it is a professional output job (Use a permanent marker to write the information on the disc).

MULTIPLE ENTRIES: A separate DVD must accompany by its own entry form and each entered work IF YOUR FILM IS SELECTED: You must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by the Festival upon invitation: (1) You will be required to execute a release and agreement wherein you (i) accept responsibility for obtaining any and all clearances necessary to exhibit your film at the New York City International Film Festival, warrant that you have the rights necessary to exhibit your film at New York City International Film Festival and NYCIFF, indemnify and hold harmless New York City International Film Festival, LLC at its affiliates against any claim arising out of exhibition of your film at New York City International Film Festival.
(2) You will be responsible for delivery of the exhibition copy of the invited work in one of the Exhibition Formats specified below to the address designated by the Festival. THE FESTIVAL WILL NOT COVERS the cost of the return shipping of your print or video after the conclusion of the Festival. We recommend shipment via courier in order to permit the tracking of your entry once it leaves your hands and our film festival. TECHNICAL SPECS For FEATURE FILMS We exhibit FEATURE FILMS in 35mm, (Platter), DCP DIGITAL PROJECTION CINEMA: Dolby DSS200 Digital Cinema Projection (DCP), Digibeta, Beta SP,BLU-RAY, HD DV, DVcam, MiniDV, DVD, Personal Computer ( Mac & PC) SOUND CAPABILITIES: Film: Dolby SRD, Dolby SR, Dolby A Video Dolby E, Dolby 5.1, Dolby SR, Prologic, Left & Right Stero Shorts *Additional RENTAL Equipment upon request, including: HD Cam, HD Cam SR, D5.

SHORTS FILMS ONLY in BLU-RAY Or USB Films in competition will be required to provide a second exhibition copy to accommodate juror screenings. The Festival has the right to request additional exhibition copies to allow for multiple screenings at more than one venue without Water Marks or logos in the film such as: ” Only for Screening Purposes” _________________________________________________________________________

(3) You will provide a properly completed and signed official New York City International Film Festival “Film Information Form” including all press and publication assets as specified in the “Materials Checklist


4) You will provide at least one DVD copy of the finalized and completed film for Festival Archive.

(5) ONCE A FILM HAS BEEN SELECTED IT CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN FROM THE FESTIVAL program during the event. If your film was accepted to be shown in New York City International Film Festival 2016, you and/or your production company, distributors etc. won’t be allowed to withdraw the selected film from our film festival. In the event of an exception, you will be responsible to reimburse all the cost New York City International Film Festival have incurred in promoting the film, advertising, programs, etc. and any damage to our reputation as a film festival.

(6) The Festival reserves the right to change the date and venue if a feature film has not sell enough tickets to promote such film. Any legal dispute will be held in New York City Court. FESTIVAL SCHEDULE: Films invited to participate in the NEW YORK CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL will be shown in the section that our Festival programmers determine will be most appropriate at their sole discretion. ________________________________________________________

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1 University Place, 9 Floor
New York NY 10003

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