Reproductive right is one of the fundamental human rights.

Total votes: 14
The Next Chapter

After escaping their abusive patriarch in Taiwan, two brothers and their victimized mother journey to the United States to start their new lives.

Total votes: 27
The Great Guys

It's a touching story about a little girl and a Labrador.

Total votes: 23

Wang Liqiang was discriminated and abused by other children because of ankylosing spondylitis, so he shut his true feelings from others since he was a child.

Total votes: 26
Towards the Sun

This is a story about two social outcasts who help each other and make new goals in a road trip.A man loses his house and is forced to live in his truck.

Total votes: 170
Frank & Suzie

A mute musician ever eager to express herself finds out there is more to communication than spoken language when she meets a blind tailor...

Total votes: 20


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