The song of the rain

In 1922, a boy met a girl in a small town in China.

Total votes: 45
Kampung Drift

Combining action, comedy and sci-fi, Kampung Drift is across-genre coming-of-age tale of Johan, a teenager in search of the meaning of life and love through

Kampung Drift
Total votes: 1512

4 intertwined stories explore the notion of love in a hotel, how important love is, to what extremes we go to make it happen, but in difference situations an

Total votes: 2602
The Ambiguous Focus

A Chinese gay couple of 10 years struggle to deal with the aftermath of their breakup

Total votes: 109
Ashes of Earth

17-minute-short film; Directored by Bowen Li

Total votes: 294
Warm Snow

Meihui’s husband was an outlaw. Six years ago he stabbed a policeman and became a fugitive.

Total votes: 44

The villager old Li has a son who was witnessed having a sex with a girl named Hong by a fool.

Total votes: 109
Broken City

The movie 《 Broken City》 resolves around 4 actors who strive to make a living in Beijing, Kun Lun, Hao Hao, Yuan Shan and Man Li.

Total votes: 60

Newly immigrated mother and daughter from China who are living under the condition of water shortage in a shabby household in Los Angeles, are going through

Total votes: 93
Chinese New Year Show For Students Studying Abroad

A short documentary which records a self-made Chinese New Year Show made by Chinese students in Lancaster University, UK during the 2017 Chinese New Year.

Total votes: 43

J has a secret identity, he consists of 37.5% artificial intelligence, every time when his “robotic” qualities take over his “human” nature, J erases his mem

Total votes: 66
Earth Angel

An angel came down to Earth to rescue a condemned soul from the corrupt and unrelenting society, only to find her mission paradoxically impossible.

Total votes: 34
Home at Last

In a country with no national support system for autism, a Chinese mother struggles to find treatment for her autistic son as her family threatens to break a

Total votes: 86
Beat Him Up

After Zhang Shi-hao finds out his girlfriend is pregnant by rival Lin Yu-en, Zhang takes part in a violent beating of Lin.

Total votes: 42

The film describes many existing social problems of ChinaRoad Rage. It was not long before that Ding Weida and Shi Ying became lovers.

Total votes: 60
Silenced River

The story took place in Yunyang Town, where the relocation began in 2000 due to the construction of Three Gorges Dam.

Total votes: 113

A man and a woman's love story,About the existence of love and the feeling of life.The film tries to remove the dramatic,Remove the plot,Remove the show.Use

Total votes: 68
Los Angeles Kidnapping

The daughter of the richest Chinese businessman in LA was kidnapped.

Total votes: 181
Southern Edge of the Cloud

Pitch'When pureness and simplicity take us for a journey, dare you jump for an adventure and how far it will bring us to?'Director's notesLast year, I went t

Total votes: 125
Orange Boy

Orange is the coldest color.Domestic violence is always hard to tell,this film based on 3 different true stories .He used be a son, Who saw his father beat h

Total votes: 27
The love of Kunlun Mountains

Li Peng with his grandfather's relics to recall the memory in Kunlun montains in 50s,which happened between paramilitary commander and the local political pr

Total votes: 54

China has been through a dramatic urbanization as its economy grows.

Total votes: 30
On the Bridge of Death and Life

Every year many thousands of people visit the mighty Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Every year dozens of them have no intention of leaving the bridge alive.

Total votes: 21

China, 1997. A little girl finds out her mom’s affair with another woman. She has to make a decision of whether keeping this secret or not.

Total votes: 41
The Dark

I thought it was hidden perfectly!What shall we choose to do in the dark?

Total votes: 125
A Dream of Interest

An ordinary story of the relationship between families and money through financial changes in China.

Total votes: 117
Hell Memory

In an attempt to track down a priceless diamond and save the woman he love, Yuan Liang, who has the ability to erase memories, must fight against his boss an

Total votes: 34
Chinese TransSexual

A story about Chinese TransSexual.TransSexual person in China, is already a very large group, but we don't know!They are mainly from all over the country's s

Total votes: 30
Summer with Monkey King

A 5-year-old Chinese girl's dream to become a 'boys-only' superhero.

Total votes: 39
Occupy Central

The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong which shocks the world

Total votes: 140
Love Back to Dingjun Mountain

The French young man Aifei is going to Dingjun Mountain looking for the mysterious code of making 'mu niu liu ma' in his grandfather's journal and he meets t

Total votes: 26

Zyra Shia, 32 years old, a woman painter. Losing her mother whom she had been alone with made her suffered from depression.

Total votes: 17
new year's eve

On New Year’s Eve an old salesman was trying his luck in university dorms and was invited into one where a group of music students were having a birthday par

Total votes: 20
The Orchid Season(27min)

This is a short film about old people.

Total votes: 31
Monkey Business

Hou is a farmer and lives in a rural area far away the city.

Total votes: 28

When her husband cannot give her the love she desires, the lonely and insecure Hui will do anything to feel loved.

Total votes: 23

In earlier times Chinese families were expected to take care of their aged parents. But in the new, competitive climate, family ties have been fraying.

Total votes: 32
The Fall

I never thought that one experience would lead me to see so many things differently.I decided to make a film in order to explore those changes based on appea

Total votes: 39
Where is Wang Hao?

Three friends must journey across China to find their missing classmate and retrieve their final movie project files from him before the deadline.

Total votes: 42
Lilies' Talk

Lilies' Talk is a feature length documentary film following the lives of 12 young Chinese lesbian/bisexual girls who live in Beijing, Chengdu and New York.

Total votes: 45

In 2035, Ran Lin, a police officer in Time Administration, time travels back to 2015, the year of his father got killed in front of him.

Total votes: 30

A young man from a remote Chinese village, left to fend for himself by his absent parents, turns to a life of petty crime in order to provide an existence fo

Total votes: 40
Where Are we Led to

What made immigrants alienated is the way how we are after American dream.

Total votes: 36


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