Problemski Hotel

For the inmates of the multinational residential centre somewhere in Europe, the circular, black comedy that is the cross-frontier migrant’s life ‘within the

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Total votes: 5973
Where do we feel at home?
Total votes: 2569
ces petits riens

There is always something absent that torments her. Maxine (28)

a writer who lives in Paris, suffers from solitude, she only

Total votes: 3050
The dark side of black

The film is about a young couple. We see some parts of their life as memories.

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Newton's Third Law

Sometimes, one doesn’t have the choice..

Total votes: 220

Zara, a 12 years old girl from Syrien, everytime when she want to go to school, something Happening

Total votes: 51

Mahmoud and Nabila are married couple in their eighties, living alone in their peaceful house.

Total votes: 311
Leaving Syria : long live the youth

After a few years of war in their country, a group of young Syrian friends decide to leave the Middle East and hit the road together to come to Europe.

Total votes: 365

Rawad finds himself in the middle of a trip that is both spiritual and physical throughout an authentically breathtaking valley; and yet this journey itself

Total votes: 286

In a tent at a gas station in Greece lives six-year-old Menwar and his family.

Total votes: 42
Sweet Dream

Today, at least 25000 children, who went to Europe by themselves or with their families, are looking forward to be granted asylum there.

Total votes: 447

A psychopath librarian possess a hatred attitude towards humans, especially women, resulting from his stiff upbringing in his earlier years.

Total votes: 505

Hekmat, Jad, Sobhi and Tawfik imagine that they killed the doctor and they start to investigate the crime.

Total votes: 397

Nora Mariana Salim ( lives of two women—Maki, a runaway Ethiopian migrant worker, and Zorro,

Total votes: 262
Ces Petits Riens ( Little Nothings)

A writer who lives in Paris decides to write about a male character in her head, where she begins to discover herself, what she is looking for through him.

Total votes: 67

Wasati is based on true events that happened during a play in Riyadh 10 years ago.

Total votes: 343
The Bliss of Being No One

The unexpected encounter of a young man who lost his family with a one-eyed old man.

Total votes: 176
Withered Green

Iman cannot convince any of her uncles to attend her younger sister’s engagement in her father’s place, as is tradition.

Total votes: 277
Madam El

Nader and Abed roam the mountains and dig caves to look for historical remains.

Total votes: 142
Spectres are haunting Europe

The daily life of refugees (Syrian, Kurdish, Pakistani, Afghani, and other) in the camp of Idomeni.

Total votes: 88

An indie found footage style film out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia written and produced by Hakeem Jomah and directed by Ayman Tamano that tells the tale of

Total votes: 408

A Moroccan road movie looking for Boujemaa love . The transforming journey of a man on his way to meet the lady he wants from Morocco to CORSICA.

Total votes: 749
Nouhe doesn't know how to swim

MOROCCO, 1950th. Nouhe, a 45-years man , a widower and father of a child. He raises alone his son Othello. The child was born without both arms.

Total votes: 309
Show and Tell

When Naya, a recent 9­‐year­‐old Lebanese immigrant, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school concert she is thrilled until she realizes

Total votes: 77
Black Out

A short animated Docu/drama film talking about the Internet and media blockage as one way to blackout the truth.

Total votes: 311

Mohammed is a cancer survivor that learned how to cook in the two years he was not allowed to eat due to his illness.

Total votes: 59

An experimental romantic adventure.

Total votes: 272

Life is a starting point and an end point.The film tells the return trip or thirty Moroccan immigrants from the emigrate country to their home country in a

Total votes: 303

A sniper who lives alone on a country’s border shooting refugees attempting to cross, one day finds a tape of his victim’s war diary and begins to listen to

Total votes: 348
One of them

Suffering creates success, and hope does not disappear no matter how crowded the difficulties

Total votes: 228

A man feels that he had been fighting but was defeated and is today in a state of confusion.

Total votes: 82

BASTA is a film with the main theme being drug dealing, in addition to delinquency and prostitution.

Total votes: 321

Haya and Hassan find themselves in a compromising police investigation.

Total votes: 304

In the camp of Ketermaya, children playand dream, just like any other children.Beneath the surface, things are not soeasy for these Syrian kids, who have fle

Total votes: 84

A journey into the United Arab Emirates' past and how the leadership of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan planted love in the nation and the people regardless of their

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