The buried secret

The Buried Secret


Total votes: 1700

A boy has been fishing for some time in a grounded ship at the zero point border.

Total votes: 1196
Haruan: The Snakehead

Do bad deeds always beget badness?

A dark tale of a magical fish and its flawed human friends.

Haruan: The Snakehead
Total votes: 4757
The buried secret

Based on a true story, the film tells the story of a Lebanese mother and her son. Prior to his departure, he confides in her and asks her to keep a secret.

Total votes: 923
It's Better To Jump

It’s Better to Jump” is a feature-length documentary film that gives voice to Arab inhabitants of the ancient walled city of Akka (located on Isr

Total votes: 2946
Bastards (Bastards)
Total votes: 3856
The daily nothingness (lanadacotidiana)

Between reality and fiction series of characters move at the rhythm of the heartbeat of the city.

 lanadacotidiana (The daily nothingness)   real and ficcion
Total votes: 2049

Two children violently growing up under the watchful eye of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terrorists.

Total votes: 30

Early morning, many people are heading towards a wedding hall, Youcef, a peddler, Salima a labour in the kitchen, Sonia a singer

Total votes: 322
Salman Bin Hamad - A VISION OF PROMISE

One of the first acts by His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa after being sworn in as Crown Prince in March 1999 was the establishment of th

Total votes: 66
Another World in Your Eyes

Xena is a young Jordanian architect who designed a renovation project for the largest palestinian refugee camp in Jordan.

Total votes: 40
Sharp Tools


Total votes: 180

Rage Lists

Total votes: 328
Heaven Without People

Josephine, the matriarch of a sprawling family, is delighted to gather everyone for Easter lunch for the first time in two years.

Total votes: 189
A long hot summer in Palestine

I was shooting a film on women and daily life in the West Bank before the war on Gaza in June 2014.

Total votes: 17
La Isla

Ibrahim, a Moroccan soldier, is sent to a deserted island off the Mediterranean coast of Morocco.

Total votes: 209

Nouri Bouzid is the most important Tunisian film director. He has shown in his films everything that seems

Total votes: 335

Total votes: 310
Best Day Ever

One family, one afternoon, one misunderstanding, four points of view.

Total votes: 39


Total votes: 321
In seven years

Several interviews are conducted with some youths who shared in and witnessed the Egyptian Revolution (2011) but came out with shattered beliefs and distrust

Total votes: 557
Imperfect Unless Performed In Blood

On the river bank she sits and battles the world with words.

Like the twilight, someone enters the room.

Total votes: 273
Islam of my childhood

I grew up in a Muslim country where religion and culture have blended together for centuries.

Total votes: 101
close your eyes .. well

Children close their eyes to watch.Hamoody is a teenager plays the violin, but he lives in a garbage dumpster with a dream that someday he will play in a con

Total votes: 526


Total votes: 58
Baher Of Finland

BAHER OF FINLAND -documentary 27´50

Total votes: 279
Oil: The Three Appearances

A mysterious girl appears three times to a struggling artist over his life course: the first is during his childhood to guide him discover his talent, the se

Total votes: 297
Khawla's Goal

As refugees in Lebanon two Syrian children get the chance to distinguish themselves in a nationwide football tournament.

Total votes: 384
We Are Not Princesses

Four Syrian refugee women find the strength to face the greatest of tragedies by embracing an unlikely role model: the ancient rebel princess Antigone.

Total votes: 479

The movie traces 24 hours in the life of Mustafa, an ordinary Tunisian citizen grappling with the absurdity of the system.

Total votes: 36
The third gender: Love was born in hell

It is a long Documentary film with a duration of 78 minutes, It presents some facts about LGBTQ community by interviewing some Syrians, listening to their st

Total votes: 562
Hind's Case

The story follows Hind (20), who at a young age, witnessed her father kill her mother and then went on to suffer years of abuse at the hands of her father.

Total votes: 116
The investor

Once the bars of jail locked behind him, Omar finds himself in confrontation with reality, after spending a lifetime escaping to a world of his imagination,

Total votes: 240
Footsteps (Arabic)

Arabic with English subtitles

Total votes: 28
War Sweet Home

Two young friends discuss their ideal home until they are poised with a tough question. Where will they sleep?

Total votes: 337
"A tale of water, palm trees and family"

The long documentary "A tale of water, palm trees and family" is a deep-rooted journey in the UAE’s land, people and culture, through the trilogy of water, p

Total votes: 340
Hummus! the Movie

Hummus! The Movie
Director: Oren Rosenfeld | Israel | Documentary | 2016 | 70 mins | English, Arabic and Hebrew w/ English subs

Total votes: 501
The star of Algiers

Moussa, a musician, dreams to be the Michael Jackson of Algiers. With his talent and energy as background.

Total votes: 60
Shakespeare in Zaatari

This Documentary film is about Syrian children in the biggest refugees camp in Jordan "Zaatari.

Total votes: 24
For You Were Once Strangers

Fifteen-year-old Naka is an anomaly.

Total votes: 273
Dana Dana (Pearl Pearl)

When an Iraqi musician receives death threats and is forced to leave his country and the love of his life, his destiny turns around and he is forced to choos

Total votes: 814
Le ciel, la terre et l’homme
"le ciel, la terre et l'homme" tries to get hold of the impressions of the Moroccan desert landscape, through which perpetually blows the win
Total votes: 3029
Living the Chinese Dream

For years the Chi

Total votes: 1113
MILAN - Missile

AZAD’s brother PESHAWA is lost for several years after

Total votes: 1781
White Flowers

A young lady having troubles with her husband for a reason she don’t realise, and when she looks back to her past she knows where her insecurities came from.

Total votes: 40
A Thousand Nights

A prisoner faces one more night in his lonely dark cell, but he discovers that he isn't alone and has to face other prisoners who never leave his cell or his

Total votes: 60
Ink of Yam

A bomb hits.

Total votes: 935
Mother, I Am Joseph

Total votes: 3399


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