Two grieving friends pass a long subway ride to a funeral by exchanging haunting visions of an impending outbreak - in which a mandatory skin suit uploads ev

Total votes: 88
O-The Movie

4 friends are on a hiking trip and stumbles upon a black hole in the ground

Total votes: 235

Drew seems to have it all. A big house. A loving wife. A child on the way.

Total votes: 10
Vampire Obscura: To Hell And Back

A vampire must journey into hell to rescue the soul of one of his innocent victims.

Total votes: 17
Where's my phone?

Troubled teen loses last connection with her reality.

Total votes: 7
Untitled Zombie Project

While filming a student film, a cast and crew of college students must navigate the chaos of a zombie apocalypse and struggle to realize they aren't prepared

Total votes: 15
Psychic Snakebite

A plane hijacking that follows the stories of passengers, criminals, flight attendants, and pilots aboard.

Total votes: 69
Laura, Lost

Two friends enter an eerie forest to rescue a girl they suspect has been abducted by a sinister woodsman.

Total votes: 25
Fisherman and the Fungus Man

During a rare angling trip to the countryside, a city boy stumbles across “uncle,” an old acquaintance whose pursuit of 'mythic mushrooms” he joins.

Total votes: 122
Clear Blue Sky (120+ Pages)

A curios writer is sucked into a criminal conspiracy when a loaf of white bread falls from the sky and kills a man who looks just like him.

Total votes: 72

For the past two years my dad has been suffering from a rare kind of blood cancer.

Total votes: 39
Final Analysis

Dr. Jessica Richards has her last session with a particularly complicated case: LeannHenderson.

Total votes: 75

Two best friends start a ghost hunting company as a scam to make quick cash when their plans to road trip to California are foiled by an expensive engine rep

Total votes: 16
Inside The Grace

A mysterious box carrying ancient, supernatural powers finds its way into a curiosity shop.

Total votes: 43
Love of a Killer

A serial killer ends up falling in love with one of his victims, and tries to warn her before it is too late.

Total votes: 35
The Bridge

Pono, a tenacious seven-year old boy lives with his family in a five-story tree house deep in the rainforest of Hawaii's Manoa Valley.

Total votes: 114

A lonely man's relationship with a female mannequin begins to unravel.

Total votes: 56
doll eyes

Doll Eyes is a slice-of-life horror about 10-year-old Sara, who must sneak around her Stepmother's back in order to gather supplies for the secret special pr

Total votes: 16
Gaijin Fish Out Of Water

After poisoning herself on fish offerings stolen from the Buddhas, a lonely Western traveler awakens cursed in a haunted Bamboo forest, grossly disfigured an

Total votes: 103
The Forest

A new teacher arrives at a small village in rural Thailand.

Total votes: 172
Good Night

A post-apocalyptic zombie survivors short film

Total votes: 76
Alone in the DEAD of Night

Mallory, a pill-popping Danish art student, must survive the night in her apartment when she is haunted by evil, malevolent beings.

Total votes: 151


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