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For You Were Once Strangers


Fifteen-year-old Naka is an anomaly. An honor student in the Northern Israeli town of Nahariya, she glides through Hebrew, English and Arabic fluently, sings in a band, spends too much time on Facebook and dreams of attending the Army high school in preparation for military service.
But she is not Israeli. Naka and her family are part of a community of 700 South Sudanese refugees living in Israel since 2007. They are the survivors of the largest genocide since the Holocaust. But in 60 days, she faces deportation back to her war-torn country. Their fate will create an unprecedented fracture in Israeli society. For the first time, Israel has to violently face the mirror of its own History as a people of refugees themselves.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Ruth Berdah-Canet
Writers: Ruth Berdah-Canet, Laura Minnear
Producers: Ruth Berdah-Canet
Key cast:

Total votes: 145

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