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Written By Mrs Bach


Over the past twenty-five years some works previously attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach have been re-attributed to other composers, barely causing a ripple in the placid waters within the classical music landscape, but when accomplished academic, musician and forensic document examiner, Professor Martin Jarvis, dares to suggest evidence exists advocating the great maestro’s wife, Anna Magdalena, as a serious contender for recognition, the reaction of the Bach orthodoxy is swift and fierce, and access to key research materials is denied. “There will always be those who find themselves threatened by any possible change and this one is particularly threatening because it involves a woman” suggests Dr. Alan Powell, Emeritus Professor of History at Charles Darwin University in Australia. This film asks why such a misogynistic attitude still persists in the twenty-first century and sets out ‘The Case for Anna Magdalena Bach’ - and investigates the impact on the monetary value of Bach autographs in the wake of Jarvis’ research.

The rapid acceleration of emerging technology and forensic techniques changes beliefs and critical thinking in ways the world has never seen before. Forensic evidence is meticulously presented onscreen, underpinned by slick graphics. ‘Written by Mrs. Bach’ is a science-based investigative documentary.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Alex McCall, Eirini Vachlioti
Writers: Robert Beedham
Producers: Pamela Kaufman, Gunnar Dedio
Key cast: Martin Jarvis, Sally Beamish, Heidi Harralson

Total votes: 635

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