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The women newspaper / La femme papier



Elizabeth dancer at the Opera Garnier in the eighties, with all the luck, suffered a fall during a hearing. This fall will do him more back on stage and continue his career. She falls into a spiral, and eventually loses the street. For over twenty years, it is distinguished by a bundle of paper that never leaves. We will discover why this nerd paper so important to Elisabeth ...

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Renaud Duval
Writers: Renaud Duval
Producers: Renaud Duval
Key cast: Igor Carbonnel, Patricia Tourne, Flavie Salelles, Prince Jean Barthélémy Bokassa, Mathieu Hautot, Pierre Babouin, Justine Druaux-Jarno, Robin Dupont, Jason Revillard, Mark Scotto, Aurélien Marini, Baptiste Brandily, Maxime Croyal, Maxime Croyal, Thomas Stanistat, Constance Poutrier, Alain Defrel , Wally Bajeux, Raphaël Chiapparin

Total votes: 2804

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