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Without Him/Her


Ani Balıkçı, Dilşah Özgen, Emel Korkmaz, Gülsüm Çolak, Hüsniye Koyuncu, Leyla Encü and Yeter Sivri; seven mothers from the seven regions and cultures of Turkey, who lost their kids. There are moments in life, when even the time, that is assumed to be the remedy of everything, becomes helpless. Just like the famous writer Victor Hugo once said: “Every day is the first day for a mother who lost his son; this suffering never gets old”. The suffering of a mother is even more unbearable, who lost her son as a result of the negligence or a direct affect of an institution of the state, whose primary responsibility is to protect its citizen no matter what happens. She gets stuck between the beautiful life she lived with “him/her” and the sorrowful life that she is now forced live without “him/her”, until she dies. People around her have to watch desperately, the pain of being without “him/her” and the silence of the mother.

The actual focus point of the documentary film project “Without him/her” is an ordinary day of these mothers; have to live after losing him/her. In doing so, it is more prudent to document these mothers standing tall, despite the unbearable pain they carry inside; rather exploiting their tears. A silent look, a posture, a moment will explain everything crystal clear, just like a picture frame, without a need to talk. Just like this sentence voiced in an old movie: “When a woman who has much to say, says nothing, her silence can be deafening” Anna and the King (1999). Actually, the silence of the mothers tells a lot to us.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Ufuk Erden
Writers: Ufuk Erden
Producers: Jenevie Borlon Tolentino
Key cast: Ani Balikci, Dilsah Ozgen, Emel Korkmaz, Gulsum Colak, Husniye Koyuncu, Leyla Encu, Yeter Sivri

Total votes: 1039

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