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The story is about a little girl toddlers parents go out to work every day, often not at home, even if the holidays are no exception, and six wanderers is required parental care and companionship, felt very lonely little girl was alone riding a bicycle around the streets near the home of play. In the course of play and found all kinds of things, all reflect the heart is very lonely wanderers, until she met up with her as a lonely little black cat, it becomes to rely on each other's hearts.


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

"Wanderer" animation inspiration from my little sister. In little sister childhood we have no time to accompany her to play, resulting in a very rebellious when her adolescence. I hope this animation can remind parents to be concerned about their own children.

Screenings / Awards: 

Official Selection: TMFF - The Monthly Film Festival 2015, United Kingdom
Official Selection: Wendy's Short International Short Film and Video Competition 2015, United States
Official Selection: Indie Film Festival 2015, Switzerland

Total votes: 1190

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