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Unconscious Memory


Marinduque, an island province in the Philippines 172 kilometers south of Manila, is where the largest mining disaster in the country’s history occurred. MINA, an environmental activist trying to make ends meet financially, sets out on a journey to Marinduque to seek answers to the mining disaster. She joins a secret organization led by FRANCIS who feeds her confidential information regarding the people responsible for the tragedy. In Marinduque MINA discovered 200 million tons of toxic mines waste that partially floating on the shallow bay of the river was airborne, contaminating open water wells and rice fields that forced 59 children to undergo lead detoxification. Three of them died from heavy metal poisoning. MINA continues with her investigation but is suddenly abducted by a group of men. Two months later and there is still no word from MINA, the secret organization decided to cut all their communication thinking that they were being bugged. We eventually find MINA inside a room being interrogated and accused of being a member of a propaganda organization. She was then beaten and raped. Later MINA’s dead body is discovered with a warning note scraped on her skin.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Allan C. Balberona

Writers: Allan C. Balberona

Producers: David Griggs, Jen Balberona, Dicky Yalung

Key cast: Mina Cruz

Total votes: 1760

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