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Such gracious smiles


Such gracious smiles is an 18-minute sequence shot.
The smile distinguishes man from animals. Its execution requires a multitude of muscles that can mean anything and everything: The empathetic, seductive, victorious , mocking, sadistic smile .... A smile to coax, a smile as a weapon of mass destruction but also as a wound in the face.
This marks the meeting of an awkward actress, a condescending director, three bossy shrinks who enjoy telling stories that end badly, a lecturer, an assistant with strange manners and a trio of singers on wheels accompanied by a children’s choir. This merry bunch create stories that intertwine and, through di erent narrative paths and performative actions, demonstrate the ambiguity of the smile.
All the scenes take place in a single space that is constantly modulated by the changing set design.
We watch as the sets shift, as layers are shrugged o liitle by little until the space becomes entirely empty.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Gabriel Desplanque
Writers: Gabriel Desplanque
Producers: Le Fresnoy, studio national
Key cast:

Total votes: 1528

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