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Su Birikintisi (The Puddle)


A young man (Mihran Tomasyan) walks in a desolated flea market in a completely head in the clouds mood. He encounters an incarnating object while checking walls covered with old posters with prying eyes and carried away into another reality. What seem to be so strange about him is not only his looks and moves, but also the odd fact that he is leaving a white speckle behind him. The crowds’ reaction to this strangeness turns into a common destiny by the sudden start of a pouring rain. As soon as the rain stops, man tries to get away from there, but he immediately awakens to see a new reality; puddles attached to his feet. Having experienced that process on his own, the man meets some other strange characters while carrying the puddles with him.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Short movies of “Find Your Way” project (Stairs, Fried Chicken, Puddle) are trials for looking for a way to leave behind a process within which I have been the other, the one at a loose end, hesitating and searching for a way out in the dark with a torch on my own as myself. - See more at:

Screenings / Awards: 

2015    “Su Birikintisi”/“The Puddle”, The Columbus International Film and Video Festival (November), Ohio, USA

2015    “Su Birikintisi”/“The Puddle”, The Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (October), Fargo, USA

2015    “Su Birikintisi”/“The Puddle”, 22. International Golden Boll Film Festival, Mediterranean Short Film Competition (September), Adana, Turkey

2015    “Su Birikintisi”/“The Puddle”, Pori Film Festival (November), Pori, Finland

2015    “Su Birikintisi”/“The Puddle”, Pune Film Festival (October), Fargo, USA - See more at:

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