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Leila hasn’t been allowed to experience and make mistakes to know herself and her skills. In her early thirties, she doesn’t know, yet, what she wants in her life. She thinks if she marries, most of her problems will be solved; however it doesn’t happen. Her husband doesn’t have enough attention to her. Staying alone at home and having nothing special to do, make Leila more isolated. Finally, stains on the clothes, wall, and bathtub draw her attention. First, she doesn’t know how to remove them, but asks around and experiments different kinds of chemicals. Stains isolate her from individuals around and make a new world for her. A world in which Leila starts to raise self-confidence, learn more about herself and make decisions for her life.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Sara
Writers: Sara
Producers: Sara
Key cast: Nooshin

Total votes: 180

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