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Due to the Fairness in Disablilities Act, the Van Nuys P.D. is forced to hire 4 handicapped undercover detectives, and their trainer officer is the worst cop in L.A..




Information for the Audience: 

Director's Statement

After a ten year quest to make a movie starring disabled actors and comedians, SPECIAL UNIT got finished. I have friends who are disabled and they deal with a different world. As I crossed the street one sunny California day, there was a woman on the other side in a wheelchair; she had one leg, purse clenched on her lap and was looking very sad. Everyone just walked by. Not even the normal head nod was given to her by the people who walked past. I walked by and said, "what's up kid?". She didn't say "Hello", she said, "Thank you". It woke me up to the invisibility they live in. The disabled have an extra tough life. Besides having a disability, they have the public looking away or worse, staring. Imagine living in that, all day, everyday. On top of that, Hollywood doesn't utilize them often. If they do it's in a Hallmark movie or playing a "special little hero".  
This movie was written to cross that line and stop making them "Special" and instead, make them just like us. Able, angry, funny, demanding, funny, fearless and again, funny. We did not treat them precious at all in this script. You can't make a difference feathering the accelerator so in this movie we pulled the PC limiter and dropped the hammer. The idea for SPECIAL UNIT came to me in a flash and I had to pull my car over because I was laughing so hard. Combustion Films' motto is "Funny First", but after we get that, we want to make a difference with whatever we do. Hope you enjoy the film.

Screenings / Awards: 

Official Selections:

Studio City Film Festival

Richmond International Film Festival

Riverside International Film Festival

Semi-Finalist Cinema London Film Festival


Winner -Los Angeles Film Awards - BEST COMEDY

Winner -Actor Awards Los Angeles - BEST ACTOR- Christopher Titus

Winner -Hope Film Awards- BEST DIRECTOR - Christopher Titus


Directed by: 
Christopher Titus
Writing credits: 
Christopher Titus
Christopher Titus Billy Gardell Cynthia Watros Debbie Lee Carrington David Figlioli
Produced by: 
Christopher Titus Rachel Bradley
Music by: 
Cinematography by: 
Kimo Easterwood
Film Editing by: 
Ryan Farmer
Casting by: 
Jeff Gerrard
Production Design by: 
Megan Elizabeth Bell
Art Direction by: 
Sharon Valenta
Set Decoration by: 
Yan Rusanova
Costume Design by: 
Dawn Sharp
Makeup Department: 
Dre Lamparello
Production Management: 
Randy Kulina
Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Total votes: 410

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