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Can snails solve mystery and puzzle on their spirals when they were sleeping? Little fears created the same effect with great fear in town life progresses with enemies which are created. A dialysis patient and retired teacher managing a tea home. His life is changing a day absurdly because of the entryphone is ringing from 8 numbered line all the time and nobody give answer…When hodja is looking for who pushes the 8 numbered line ,8 comes all the time in numbered cigarette machine in tea home too.When Hodja is thinking gypies who are pusshing the entryphone,the customers had be disturped with 8 number which is coming all the time in cigarette machine.In time an old fisher and shepperd boss scratch one's head time because of which zonning plan will come to village.Meantime he will get up against gypies and kurds who came to village for work.Village’s gendarme commander wants to buy hodja’s tea shop for his cousin but he has a other plans for gypies and villagers which revealed when he is in tea shop.Hodja’s son has plans for his life who wants never a factory worker like those around him but after absurd accident which he had these plans won’t what it looks like. When Hodja’s son who came under attack near the roadside, searching for the attackers ,two girls in town looking for toyman who is selling toy rabbit..Will hodja and son who are slowly fading away from reality, find the answers of their questions from the gypsies ,rabbits, mad people and “1. woman” Will girls find the toyman and hodja solve the 8 number’s mystery? In movie villagers and town townsfolk’s absurd situations turns up to a questioning of their own existances.The movie is a glimpse into the lives of village and town who are somehow affected by a disaster and a gentle touch to their expectations


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Yigit Kahraman Writers: Yigit Kahraman Producers: Yigit Kahraman Key cast:

Total votes: 1580

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