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"Sin novedad" ("No News")


Lola lives alone with her son, Jorge, near to an industrial estate in Madrid. She works a lot of hours for a stingy and strict boss in a storage company.
One night, Jorge confesses to her mother that he has begun to keep in touch with his father, Marcos, who abandoned them a long time ago...


English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Director: Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Scriptwriter: Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Production Company: Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Director of Production: Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Cinematographer: Pablo Bürmann
Art Director, Costume, Make-Up and Hairstyle Designer: María Jesús de Miguel de Miguel
Composer: Javier Berzal de Miguel

Silvia Espigado: Lola and Lola’s mother.
Fernando Guillén Cuervo: Marcos.
Ignacio Jiménez: Jorge.
Esmeralda Moya: Alba.
Silvia Marsó: Lidia.
Gonzalo de Castro: Mr. Alfonso.
Lola Casamayor: Rosario.
Nicolás Coronado: José.
Miryam Gallego: Psychologist.
Lydia Arcos: Little Lola.
Alejandro Garrido: Little Jorge.
Juan Carlos Gandía: Locksmith.
Carlos Franganillo: TV Hoster.
Víctor Cabrera Navarro: Alfredo.

Screenings / Awards: 

National Premiere: Alicante International Film Festival 2018, Spain.
International Premiere: Bucharest Film Awards 2018, Romania.
Commercial Premiere: Cine Círculo de Bellas Artes 2018, Madrid, Spain.
Awards (4):
Winner of “Best Director: Miguel Berzal de Miguel” at Around International Film Festival 2019, Paris, France.
Winner of “Best Director: Miguel Berzal de Miguel” at Mediterranean Film Festival 2019, Italy.
Winner of “Best Actor: Fernando Guillén Cuervo” and “Best Original Score: Javier Berzal de Miguel” at London Independent Film Awards 2019, United Kingdom.
Nominations (2):
Finalist for “Best Drama” at Annual Copenhagen Film Festival 2019, Denmark.
Nominated at Nice International Film Festival 2019 and part of Nice Film Market, France.
Selections (27):
Selected at Rengo International Film Festival 2018, Chile.
Selected at International Independent Film Festival of Social Films “Atlantis Films Awards” 2018, Spain.
Preselected at Ibiza International Film Festival Ibiza “IBIZACINEFEST” 2019, Spain.
Selected at Festival Cine Latino Americano 2019, USA.
Selected at Eurocinema Film Festival 2019, Switzerland.
Semifinalist at Meraki Film Festival 2019, Germany.
Selected at Oklahoma Cine Latino Film Festival 2019, USA.
Selected at Eurovision Palermo Film Festival 2019, Italy.
Selected at Georgia International Latino Film Festival 2019, USA.
Selected at Festival International Cannes 2019, France.
Selected at World Film Fair 2019, USA.
Selected at Washington Film Festival 2019, USA.
Selected at Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival 2019, USA.
Selected at Rome Film Awards 2019, Italy.
Semifinalist at Reykjavik Visions Film Festival 2019, Iceland.
Selected at Austria International Film Festival 2019, Austria.
Preselected at Cinema New York City 2019, USA.
Selected at Malta Film Festival 2019, Malta.
Selected at Amsterdam World International Film Festival 2019, Netherlands.
Selected at Los Angeles Global Entertainment Market 2019, USA.
“Best Film”, “Best Actress: Silvia Espigado, Esmeralda Moya and Silvia Marsó” and “Best Actor: Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Ignacio Jiménez and Gonzalo de Castro” at José María Forqué Films Awards 2019, Zaragoza, Spain.

19 candidatures Premios Goya 2019, Spain.

Directed by: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Writing credits: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Silvia Espigado, Fernando Guillén Cuervo, Ignacio Jiménez, Esmeralda Moya, Silvia Marsó, Gonzalo de Castro, Lola Casamayor, Nicolás Coronado, Miryam Gallego, Lydia Arcos, Alejandro Garrido, Juan Carlos Gandía, Carlos Franganillo and Víctor Cabrera Navarro.
Produced by: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Music by: 
Javier Berzal de Miguel
Cinematography by: 
Pablo Bürmann
Casting by: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Production Design by: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Art Direction by: 
María Jesús de Miguel
Set Decoration by: 
María Jesús de Miguel
Costume Design by: 
María Jesús de Miguel
Makeup Department: 
María Jesús de Miguel
Production Management: 
Miguel Berzal de Miguel
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 14, 2017
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