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Fady is a mid-twenties young man suffering from unemployment and social isolation, rejected from society and friends. applying for many jobs but as usual in vain , one day he decided to change his life by changing his SIM card and before removing it the phone rings but he decided not to answer and removing the SIM and disposed it . to be surprised after getting back home that he has suspended from the interview because of not answering the phone submitted in the application form .

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Information for the Audience: 

Mina Khairy is an Egyptian Director , Editor , photographer and graphic designer . Studied Cinema arts as a second course beside Commerce . Graduated from both Academies at 2012 . Start his own projects Since 2008 as an Editor and Assistant Director , until 2013 that he became able to create a full movie by his own with a screenplay writers assist . Till now he produced 7 short films and more than 30 video clip on youtube and some channels .

Directed by: 
Mina Khairy
Writing credits: 
Fadi Sobhi Abed
Fadi Sobhi Abed
Produced by: 
Mina Khairy
Music by: 
Ross Bugden
Cinematography by: 
Mina Khairy
Film Editing by: 
Mina Khairy
Casting by: 
Mina Khairy
Production Design by: 
Mina Khairy
Art Direction by: 
IXIR Photography - Mina Khairy
Set Decoration by: 
Mina Khairy
Costume Design by: 
Cartava Drama Team - Mina Khairy
Makeup Department: 
Mina Khairy
Production Management: 
Mina Khairy
Release Date: 
Friday, January 1, 2016
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Total votes: 1414

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