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Sienna's Choice

Dear film festival,
Thank you for reviewing our film. Sienna's Choice is a female driven production with a multicultural diverse cast, with a message and story line for all. This story examines end of life care and the decision making process and who makes those decisions for us when we can no longer speak for ourselves. There is also further important subtext. What is life? Is it defined as the number of days alive or how we live those days? Who decides for us when we can no longer make decisions ourselves during our darkest hour? Lead actress Janel Tanna as Sienna, directed by Linda Palmer. 


56 minutes
English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

See above. This film has been quoted as touching by several film festivals and audiences. Reaching the emotions of people for different reasons with different backgrounds. 

Screenings / Awards: 


5 Best Actress awards; 6 best actress nominations-Janel Tanna: Velvet Rope Film Festival-California; Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, HMIFF Film Festival; Groove Film Festival-New Jersey; Hollywood Moving Pictures;  Hudson Valley International Film Festival (nomination)

Winner Best Film- Groove Film Festival

Winner Best Screenplay-Hudson Valley International Film Festival

Nominated Best Ensemble Cast: Hudson Valley International Film Festival

Nominated Best Film- HVIFF

Nominated Best Short Feature Film: Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

Nominated Best Director: Velvet Rope Film Festival 

Winner: Audience Choice-Eurocinema Geneva 

Directed by: 
Janel Tanna
Writing credits: 
Janel Tanna
Janel Tanna
Produced by: 
Janel Tanna
Release Date: 
Friday, December 9, 2016
Total votes: 287

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