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While the kids in my class went to the local country club, I went to swim with the amputees. My “vacation resort” was full of handicapped people in wheelchairs and it didn’t bother me at all. On the contrary, I was fascinated by them. How do they struggle to live every day life while carrying in their bodies and souls the burden of war and terror attacks. What's happening to their families, whose worlds were suddenly turned upside down and since than they are forced to deal with a new and complex life they didn't choose.
3 stories about 3 families from a curios child point of view who's trying to explore how far and deep the shock waves are travelling. This child grew up to be, the film's director, a daughter of an I.D.F injured veteran.

1 hour 10 minutes 38 seconds


Directed by: 
Kineret Hay Gillor
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