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shinma yeda


Hanmavadi,a small village,population of 25000,situated in
between hilly areas in Kolhapur dist.Its males are famous for its
filmy passion,females are in opposition due to uncertainty of
film careers.Ashu,one of the villagers,is a cinema ticket black
marketer,accompanied by his friend Iqbal.He is into love affair
with Nandini,daughter of Kale,theatre owner.When Kale comes
to know this,he throws out Ashu from his theatre
compound.Now Ashu is in tense of livelihood.He and Iqbal
plans to make a film In village,and starts gathering money from
each of them against a role in film.When they know that with a
meager amount of 7 lacs,they cant make a film,they convinces
Sayaji,a money lender,to invest in film against condition of
bringing top heroine Soniya Bapat in village for shoot and her
stay in his bungalow.Shoot starts and the film flops on the first
day itself.Upon advice of Salim chacha,best friend of Sayaji,he
tells God ganesha to forgive his ill behavior and the film gets hit
in Mumbai.Nanubhai,top dist of films comes to village and gets
the right to dist films allover Mah with 25 lacs advance.Sayaji
opens a Ganesh coop Bank,for villagers,and obliges for his
moneylending business never to do.Ashu and Nandini gets




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Ashraf Khan
Writers: Ashraf Khan
Producers: Ashraf Khan
Key cast: Jagdish Yemul, Seema Kulkarni, Sourabh Aarote, Hanmant kale, Amol Mahamuni, Shivaji Patil, Rahul Chaware, Shilpa Gavai, Vidya Dedhe, Madhu Kulkarni

Total votes: 74

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