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The River. A 48 hour episode in the life of a filmmaker


In the middle of a film project Amins camera gets lost in a bank, or did someone steal it? Together with his cameraman he undergoes a bureaucratic procedure to get hold of the CCTV footage, gets his camera back and decides to make up the time he lost, by making a new movie in one take. He makes himself on the search for a suitable actor, who’s name, without further thought, he simply creates. Strangely, through his casting agent, Amin finds out that ‘Mir Mahmoud’ apparently really exists. The confusion of his existence as a traditional theater actor of bygone times turns into an obsession to find that man. His search takes him from one place in Tehran to another, and from the start, Amin finds himself confronted with the questions of truth and lie, reality and fiction. What is what? And who is who? What kind of man is Mir Mahmoud? And what is happening with Amins new project?

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Nader Farahwaschy, born in 1971 in Germany, spent his childhood in Iran. In the midst of the Iranian Revolution he returned to Germany at the age of nine, eventually studying medicine and international relations, and worked as a surgeon. Very early on in his life, he engaged himself with the field of film and filmmaking, realising his own first projects in the late 2000s. In 2012 he was invited with his shortfilm ‘Dobar mordan’ (Dying twice) to the Hamburg International Short Film Festival and was shortlisted for the German Short Film Award the year after. In 2014 he started working on the realisation of a trilogy project 'Gomshodeh' (Being Lost).
In 2015 the first part, ‘Rudkhuneh. Episode 48 saat dar zendegie jek kargardan’ (The River. A 48 hour episode in the life of a filmmaker);
2016 the second part, 'Fase Hascht' (Phase Eight);
2017 the third part, 'To as man chi mikhai?' (What is it that you want form me), were completed.
The short movie 'Resilience' was also completed in 2017.
Currently he is working on the realisation of his first feature film. He lives in Berlin and Tehran.

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