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Resgate (Ransom)


Released from prison after a four year stretch for car theft, BRUNO returns to an empty old home left by his recently deceased mother, in the low-income part of Maputo. Determined to do things right with his girlfriend MIA and their BABY DAUGHTER by his side, he gets a job at a scrapyard and stays away from his old gang.
Just as things seem to be working, he is surprised with a bank summons, finding that his late mother took out a bank loan to cover hospital bills unknown to him. If he doesn't pay the thirty-thousand-dollar loan, the bank will foreclose on his house. 
Desperate, with no one to turn to, he sees no choice but to join with his old gang, working for a ruthless BOSS in the kidnapping business. MIA soon becomes suspicious. Heartbroken, when she finds money hidden by Bruno, she and the baby move back to her simple house outside the city. He tries to convince her back, but she wants nothing with him. Determined to pay the loan and uphold his mother’s dignity, he follows on with his plan.
He soon discovers that Boss has underpaid them on a big job. Enraged, added by the bank’s pressure and the need to make things right with Mia, Bruno and the GANG come up with a plan to kidnap the Boss's asthmatic FATHER for a ransom. The hours that follow are chaotic: Boss goes ballistic, kills one of the three gang members and calls on his corrupt henchman COP to find his father by any means.
Bruno and one of his last associates hide Father in the outside toilet of her house without her consent. The old man manages to run away at night, but is caught by Bruno. The next morning, they find him dead on the floor.
With a dead body and the Boss on his tail, Bruno sets up the exchange, reinforcing his demands. The exchange takes place in an old cinema house. Boss arrives with a briefcase and discovers his father is dead. A shootout ensues that leaves him dead.
A shootout ensues between Bruno and his associate. He falls over the balcony onto a pile of old chairs. His associate grabs the briefcase and leaves. He gets in the car, Bruno rises from the back seat and shoots him in the back.
Bleeding from the shoulder, Bruno speedily drives away with the briefcase, frantically phoning Mia without success. At Mia’s, he drives into the yard and spots the dirty Cop’s car parked outside… He grabs the briefcase, pulls out his gun and steadily walks towards the house, weary. At the entrance, he finds the Cop on the floor with a bullet hole in his head. He calls for Mia and steps inside. She lies next to the crib, dead. Overwhelmed. He picks his daughter from the crib and they go outside as she cries out loud. He sits on the porch overlooking the river and opens the briefcase, only to be shocked by what he finds.


English subtitle: 


Directed by: 
Mickey Fonseca
Writing credits: 
Mickey Fonseca
Produced by: 
Pipas Forjaz / Mahla Filmes
Cinematography by: 
Pipas Forjaz
Film Editing by: 
Pipas Forjaz
Release Date: 
Friday, March 1, 2019
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Total votes: 152

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