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Daniel Sieger is a washed-up loser living in a run-down flat, simultaneously serving as his computer-repair workshop. The disillusioned computer nerd struggles through everyday life, quarrelling constantly with his girlfriend Helen. At the time the audience joins our hero, his relationship is hanging by a thread. However, during a routine assignment Sieger’s world of tedium and disappointment is ripped out from underneath him when he discovers secret documents on a computer hard drive. From this moment on events spiral out of control and he suddenly finds himself the target of active worldwide Special Forces. With his confidant, the previously lethargic computer geek hatches a plan to free the world from one of its greatest dangers.

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

REBORN was shot in Berlin in October 2014 and was completed within thirteen days. The editing process, visual effects and color correction lasted about one year.  From the beginning it was the idea to shoot this film as a promotion trailer for a planned feature and as a short that contains a coherent story. REBORN premiered in cooperation with the cinema chain CINESTAR in Berlin in February 2016. The movie was screened at the European Film Market of the BERLINALE and was regularly broadcasted on television at TELE5. The movie was part of the official selections of eleven film festivals and won three Awards so far.

Reviews and festival feedback:
"We received a total of 66 films from 20 countries for our inaugural. REBORN received some high marks from our judges. The Award of Merit is our third tier placement. REBORN was the top film for the Award of Merit, just a few points short of receiving an Award of Excellence, and received high marks for performances, cinematography and overall production value." - Best Shorts, Los Angeles

"This year we've received 132 films in your category alone. Congratulations, REBORN won Honorable Mention Certificate. Special awards are given to films that were strongly considered for the main award. It's the way for us to give these films a deserved recognition." - Chicago Arthouse Film Festival

Screenings / Awards: 

Catalina Film Festival, Los Angeles

Chicago Arthouse Film Festival

Global Shorts, Los Angele

Internationale Filmfestpiele Berlin (Feb. 2016)
Genrenale Berlin (Feb. 2016)
Los Angeles Cine Fest (June 2016)
Miami Independent Film Festival (June 2016)
Catalina Film Festival  (Sept. 2016)
Roma Cinema DOC (Sept. 2016)
Wasteland Film Festival (California, Sept. 2016)
14th International Film Festival of Tamil Nadu (India, Okt. 2016)
Indigo Filmefest (Bardenbach, Okt. 2016)

Total votes: 957

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