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POSTURE is a documentary by Daniel A. Nelson and Nathan Bender. This is the story of professed cultural

misappropriation, a founder disgraced by sexual harassment charges and the dream of being recognized as the

best yoga practitioner in America. POSTURE goes behind the scenes with three yogi athletes in the adult women's

division of the 2016 USA Yoga Federation National Championship as they pose their way toward a shot at the

national title. Each athlete has more at stake than just a congratulatory medal. From chronic illnesses to prosthetic

legs, these yogis bring more baggage than just a yoga mat. They also seek victory against those who oppose

legitimizing yoga as a sport. For the skeptical yoga purists, the competition is seen as an insensitive detachment

from the practice's spiritual roots.



Information for the Audience: 

POSTURE explores the controversial

world of competitive yoga. It follows three yogi

athletes as they compete for gold at the 2016 USA

Yoga Federation National Championship. But it's not all

zen for the many critics who consider competitive

yoga offensive to the very nature of this ancient


Directed by: 
Daniel A. Nelson and Nathan Bender
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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