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This Is Not The Time

This short spoken word performance film is about the need for civil societies to embrace the exchange of dialogue,  demonstrate tolerance for different view points, and support human and civil rights.  The song was written in 2008 and the images reflect the vivacious exchange of viewpoints on the streets in NYC during the 2016 election.
This Is Not The Time is written and performed by Paul Mills aka Poez. Recognized by The New York Times as 'a spoken word pioneer', his career trajectory has taken him from the sidewalks of Boston's Harvard Square and Greenwich Village to concert stages in Paris and New York, radio and television in New York, Boston, Prague. He has worked at times as a cab driver, civil rights trial lawyer, actor, bouncer, and philosophy book salesman. 


Information for the Audience: 

 This film was not planned and therefore the performance video captured is not the best quality. I created this film after attending an anti-Trump protest rally, a few days after I went to see Paul Mills aka Poez perform at The Bitter End in NYC. The emotions around town during the 2016 election were everywhere - on the street, in the clubs and coffee shops. I was so moved by the mood around town, I felt compelled to create a film and Poez's words in 'This Is Not The Time' was, to me, the perfect reflection of discourse -or lack thereof - taking place in NYC at the time. 

Poez wrote this song in 2008 and this song is not specifically about the current U.S. administration but rather the need for civil societies to respect human and civil rights.

Screenings / Awards: 

Winner Best Music Video - Platinum, Winner Best Music Video- Silver, Winner Best Music Video - Bronze, Best Short Film Score Award, HIghly Commended Award, Winner Best Spoken Word Performance

Winner 2017 Mindfield Los Angeles

Winner 2017 Hollywood Film Festival

Winner 2017 NYC Indie Film Awards

Winner 2017 Cinema New York City Film Festival  

Winner 2016  New Century Music Awards Best Spoken Word Performance

Directed by: 
Writing credits: 
Paul L. Mills -Composer
Paul L. Mills (Composer, Vocals, Keyboard), Paul Nowinski (Bass), William Galison (Harmonica), and Rick Shields (Violin).
Produced by: 
Music by: 
Paul L. Mills
Cinematography by: 
Film Editing by: 
Art Direction by: 
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Official sites:
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