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(North) Hollywood


(North) Hollywood follows Jessica throughout her day as she works at her coffee shop survival job and then heads to an important audition. One of her co-workers finds himself in a scary situation, another finds new romance, and a stranger gives a helping hand. (North) Hollywood is a look into the lives of the actors who aren't walking down red carpets, they're figuring out how to be adults while still following their dreams.




Screenings / Awards: 

IndieFest Film Award Winner - Award of Recognition

Mindfield Film Festival - Official Selection

Directed by: 
Andy Dubick
Writing credits: 
Andy Dubick
Erin Brownett Andy Dubick Jose Villarreal Angel Bates Creeks Sarah Oh Jacob Nichols Colton Iverson Andrew Perkins Jermaine L. Williams
Produced by: 
Andy Dubick Erin Brownett
Cinematography by: 
Seannie Bryan
Film Editing by: 
Jacob Nichols
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