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It is an atmospheric film and at the same time a simple story about two young people: a Latvian girl who goes to Marseille for searching her luck and then comes back home to her native town Rezekne, Latvia, and a French young artist who had been waiting for an opportunity to participate in a short art project in Latvia and who gets his inspiration from the world, colours, feelings, people. This opportunity is finally offered to the young artist, and he agrees. There is only one reason why he does not want to leave France: a girl whom he saw in a cafe in Marseille and for whom he was intrigued. In the second half of the film, the artist comes from the colourful port city of Marseille to the quiet town of Rezekne in Latvia, meets with the art gallery owner and starts to design the exhibition, but his attention again is distracted by the same girl he saw in Marseille. Just a short look, and romantic feelings arise between them. Unfortunately, not everything goes as easy as they want. The film is based on a very particular atmosphere. It portrays nowadays relationships between young people, despite of different nationalities and skin colour. The story is also about choices that we have to make every day.
The film audience has a wonderful opportunity to be in two places at the same time: in Marseille, France - an energetic Mediterranean city that is mainly characterized by a great mixture of cultures, cosmopolitism and multiculturism, and in Rezekne, Latvia - ancient and modern, where nature and simplicity are valued and where ancestors' wisdom and youth activity live side by side.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Lena Binshtok-Belova
Writers: Lena Binshtok-Belova
Producers: Natalija Covvo, Dace Deksne
Key cast: Jonathan Gomis, Lina Zaharane, Gunta Sidorova

Total votes: 611

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