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My girlfriend Chipo


Chipo is a name of the African girl. Chipo means a present.The film is about an Afghan girl with an African man. The little girl is afraid of the African man. The African, a refugee, enters an asylum home with a suitcase on which a doll hangs. At the time of the arrival of the man, a small refugee girl very attentively follows the hanging doll. The man's lounge is opposite the girl's room and her family. The man goes to his room, where he was assigned. On the way he loses the doll and the little girl accidentally finds the doll and takes her to her room and plays with her. The girl's father sees the doll and orders the girl to return the doll to her owner. The little girl knows who the owner of the doll is, but because she is afraid of the African, she does not want to follow the father and bring the doll back. But because the father insists, she waits until the man is no longer in his room and then she brings the doll to his room and puts her on the bed and quickly leaves the room. The doll is very important to the African because the doll reminds him of his daughter. The doll is a gift of his daughter, so he has the inner bond to the doll. He was very sad when he lost the doll and now he is very happy as he sees the doll again. After the African man becomes aware of the situation and knows that the girl is afraid of him, he tries to create a situation so that the little girl with the doll can play more. After some time, the man after the instruction of the refugee organization must leave this refugee home and move to another home. The man suddenly feels a small hand in his hand as he leaves the house. He realizes that the little girl is holding his hand in a very friendly way and that it accompanies him to the front door. The little girl is no longer afraid of him. Between the two a very close, friendly relationship arose. The African presses with joy the hand of the girl in memory of his daughter.




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Hamidreza Hassani
Writers: Leila Soleymanzadeh
Key cast: Michael Nsangu, Asma Mousawi

Total votes: 293

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